Saturday, 15 December 2007

And so they begin...

I just spent my first day of christmas holidays. For the past five fridays I have come home from work and school, only to fall asleep no later than 10 p.m. It's like everything catches up to me after work on fridays. Anyway, I spent the better part of the day running around the bloor/yorkville area taking photos for a project. Not the best day, because of the winter storm... but I hope they work out.

I am looking forward to the holidays... I always do. I'm hoping that my christmas tree can go up tomorrow actually. Sadly, because of how busy everything has been, I haven't been able to get around to that... yet.

This semester has been pretty amazing. I have focused and studied harder in the past four months than I did in my entire four years at university. Perhaps this is because the field is more narrowed out, and is something I have wanted to do for as long as I can remember. I am hoping that by this time next year I will be anticipating an internship at a fabulous place, where I can perhaps get my 'big break.'

Chick Flicks indulged in for the season so far:
- The Holiday (3rd time round)
- Love Actually (2nd TIme)
- His and Her Christmas
- The Notebook
... and it's only been a couple of free days! haha

I know I shouldn't watch chick flicks, but I do... against my better judgement. I always end up in this mush-yucky state. Sometimes its a feel good state and sometimes, I'm just reminded that happily ever after is for the movies... only!
And despite all that, I know... that when I have a couple of free hours next, I will be picking the next flick in line and throwing it in the dvd player.
Apparently no matter how much I try to destroy my romantic sap mushy streak, it refuses to budge!

Strong genes: a blessing and a curse!


Saturday, 24 November 2007

Missing in action... Missing action!

This past month has gone by so fast, I feel as though it never happened... only, it did.
I am looking forward to the holidays this year. Aside from catching up on sleep... I want to lose myself in the City. I want to discover new haunts, old memory places and so much more. My Photography course has forced me to go to numerous events to take pictures, that I always said I would go to... but never did. The main reason for me not going, was because I felt that I wouldn't enjoy it as much without someone special by my side. This isn't true and I realize that now.

The idea of cozying up to someone with a cup of hot chocolate during the Santa Claus parade, or skating in the square with Mr. Love, during the lighting of the City christmas tree... well, its nice.. but it is just as enjoyable if you go alone or with family.

I realize that society sells these places and events to us, under the pretense that you need someone beside you in order to fully enjoy all they have to offer. This isn't true as well, because I just got home from the opening ceremony of the Cavalcade of Lights... which I attended by my self, and enjoyed.

I'm finding happiness in little things these days. The walks from one place to the next (I always take the long way, these days)... The first sips of my morning Tea... the times Ginger actually cozies up to me, instead of vice-versa... The fact that my marks are going up, instead of down... little things.

I was so consumed by my feelings in the past couple of months, and I didn't like every minute of it. I liked the first 24 hours when they started to change, and I know that anyone in my position would. But after that, I hated who I became-- my own worst nighmare.

I was very aware of the season changing from fall to winter this year. The moments the leaves changed colour, my senses heightened. I noticed greens, reds, yellows that I never paid attention to before.
I even noticed when the Greek Village put their Christmas lights up... I never knew they did that before.

Finally, I also realized in the past month thanks to numerous chats with my lovely friends (i love you), and some soul searching... that I deserve better. I'm not better than anyone and no worse. However, I am a woman... I don't usually wear my heart on my sleeve, but I'm learning that it might be better to do that, than to stay guarded all the time. When we guard ourselves, we miss out on possibilities that might change our lives. I don't know. I was hurt pretty badly by my experience, but I learned from it -- which is a good thing.

We all want to be loved... because we love.
We shouldn't let the actions of others make us jaded and force us to change the way we love (or like).
If we fall whole-heartedly, fall full force. Without regrets.
I should just learn to get over it faster. That's always the hardest part... getting over getting burned.


Sunday, 28 October 2007

the last page to this month's chapter.

I guess I was more angry at myself, during the turn of events this past month, than I was at the actual source. I was mad for letting my guard down, and more angry that I allowed myself to risk such a huge part of... well, me. After the initial burst, I felt relief at the fact that my confession was not without merit, as I heard all that I wanted to hear and then some. I went in with complete conviction that I would be let down, and was ready for it. Instead, I was fed scoopfuls of words that girls only imagine hearing at some point or another. It doesn't happen often, so when it does happen, we take it...

Maybe we shouldn't... always. Well, rather, I shouldn't.
I don't know... It felt good to hear all that, you know? Like... "wow, I put myself out there, took a risk... and actually got results!"
It even felt good the next day, when we corresponded... it felt like we were getting to know each other ... as promised the day before. But after that... it was all me. The messages, the questions... all me. That doesn't exactly go along with what I had heard before. There's that saying: "Actions speak louder than words"... and this was a key case and point. The actions certainly did not add up to the words I had heard.

I know people are busy. I get that. Heck, I am too... I have 5 articles and 2 quizzes to study for, all this week. But, if interested, I can do the 5-minute coffee... I can do the walk to the subway... I can do the 1 line message or 2 minute phonecall. This is all... possible, even in a crazy-busy world. But only if you want it to be. I wanted it to be... I thought he did too. Or maybe, I had heard wrong.

For some reason, this is taking a lot longer for me to get over than I would like. Perhaps because he is everywhere.. at work, on the computer... I can't disconnect and move on. But I have to... and I will.

I just hope that any guys out there who are reading this, will break from pattern. Please don't tell someone you mean something, when you don't. WORDS are powerful... more powerful than you can ever imagine. It is communication, it is real... Words dictate our heartbeat, our adrenaline, our ups and downs. A kind word can ignite the smile muscle just as easily as a mean one can make us cry. So please, use them wisely, use them sparingly.
Don't speak just because you can. Sometimes the truth is all we need. Even if it isn't what you think we want to hear.

Saturday, 27 October 2007

if you blink, you might miss this...

To do list:

- swear off of boys (and most men) ... will make this last for more than a day...
- indulge in wine with the bff
- sex up the city during a good drunken'in
- will consider online dating
- he isn't worth my time
- i deserve better

thats it.. for now.

Monday, 22 October 2007

Mind is wandering... again.

This time I was wondering about the Human Spirit... and how much it can endure. I was thinking about all the things that happens to it... you know, the wounds (physically and otherwise), the scars, the punches, the lies, the false build-ups, the let-downs... everything.

How much can it really take? Think about it... in this day and age the Bad outweighs the Good, by far... and we keep taking it because it is all we can do. How do you heal the Human Spirit? Without it being momentary or a temporary solace away from the absolute madness that is life... love...

We always say that we want to be in control of our own lives and destiny, and yet, we constantly find ourselves in situations where we are at the mercy of others. This can be in terms of work (bosses and potential employers...), school (professors and groups), family (wants and demands), love (everything).

How do we just let the Human Spirit... be?
How do we allow ourselves to just let life do what it must, without feeling the pain, sorrow and loneliness that overcomes us when these things start to prick away at whatever little you have left?

I'm listening to a song by Mary J. Blige these days. It's called "Be Happy", and part of the lyrics state:

How Can I
Love Somebody Else
If I Don't
Love Myself Enough To Know
When It's Time
Time To Let Go?

All I Really Want
Is To Be Happy...

I am only referring to these lyrics because it applies to me right now. I am always second guessing myself... and I can't begin to explain why. I guess that's because I don't know why.

I only want to be happy. My Spirit just wants to be happy. And I mean... the genuine kind. The kind that comes naturally... not at the cost of others or because of situations. Just Happy. With who I am and what I have become. I want to look in the mirror and be Proud of Me.

I want to be selfish.... I want to do something for ME without thinking of the ramifications or how it will affect my family, friends, coworkers... People around me do it all the time.

My Spirit wants a vacation from heartache and longing for things that I have never had. You can't want something you've never had. And yet, it is all I can think about.

And here I am ... thinking. I am always thinking. I want to find the "off" switch to my heart, because it swells so much for things and situations that do not deserve it.

For once... I just want to stop. Thinking.

Thursday, 18 October 2007


I feel bad for Ellen DeGeneres....
But I'm not sure how I feel about that situation going down on National Television....

Monday, 15 October 2007

Noon Vent

Some things just shouldn't be said. Really, if you don't say what the other person might want you to say... if you don't feel what the other person wants you to feel... don't say anything. Don't lie just because you feel bad... don't try to make light of a situation that you think might hurt the other person. Sometimes the truth is all we need to move on... move forward... or to simply reevaluate. But when you lie, or admit to things that you don't really feel... for what you think might be for the benefit of another person... you are creating a situation that I am sure both parties would rather not be in.
I don't want to be in this frame of mind.
But I can't do anything about it now... except sit and wait, for it to pass me by. Which it refuses to do. And that makes me Mad.

Saturday, 6 October 2007

Not a feminist... just feminine...

...and that seems to be the problem.
There exists a bracket of women out there, who are literally stuck between a rock and a hard place. I am talking about those 18-40-something women, who have careers and content lives, but cannot seem to find a decent guy to simply hang out with. I'm not talking about marriage here... I am simply talking about 2 people-- a man and a woman, spending time together, enjoying one and other's company... and letting life take it's course. It seems that a man and a woman cannot hang out consensually without it meaning something more. If a woman asks a man to hang out for company's sake... he usually assumes that she is hitting on him. If a guy asks a woman to hang out... it is assumed that he probably wants something more.
If a guy, who a woman is not attracted to, asks her to hang out ... chances are that she will go out with him, and assume nothing of it. If a woman, either "butterface"-esque (I've heard guys make reference to some women as such), decent or gorgeous, asks a man to hang out... she proably wants him to become the father of her children... or so it is assumed.
Ugghhh.... frustrating, isn't it?? We've all been there. The guy you've know for ages, but never hung out with for who knows what reason... your relationship is fine.... you suggest that the two of you finally hang out.... and he runs in the opposite direction, faster than the Roadrunner being chased by that stupid Wiley Coyote.
Seriously. I cannot list the number of times I have sat down with my Mother and tried to explain that times have changed from when she was young. The days of dates, drive-in movies, hand holding and simple conversation are long gone. Those things that would ideally make two consensual adults happy, are now replaced for men, by video games, downloaded movies, porn and technology. For women, it's replaced by conversation with other like-minded women, about how these guys would rather spend time doing the above mentioned, rather than... well, doing them.

So... here we are... with our glasses of wine... our Harlequin romance novels... our bubble baths... lattes... magazines... photographs of "good times with the girls", shopping sprees, careers and pets.
So here we are.
We're here. Where are you?

"Who cares about Mr. Right, when Mr. Good-Enough-For-Right-Now is waiting for you right around the corner?"
- Serendipity (2001)

... but, where is Mr-Good-Enough-For-Right-Now?

Friday, 5 October 2007


I don't know how much I buy into this business of destiny. If I had a dollar for everytime someone said, "make sure you choose the right path", I'd be able to build my own road-- right to where I wanted to go.
I want to write. I know that much. What I don't understand is why my professor wants me to follow the opposite of what my $90 textbook sets out to tell me. I had to convince myself that the opinion of one person marking my papers, won't set the pace of the rest of my life. I know someday, somehow, I will be doing what I love for a living. But I am not constructed in a manner where I can ignore blatant negative criticism. When someone tells me my work sucks, time and time again... I start to believe it... sort of.
So I guess I want to know what happens to us? By "us" I am referring to those of us who believe we have certain talents and want to nurture them, only to have people come into our lives, who tell us not to bother. If we don't bother, then what do we do? If we do bother... it may turn out that our biggest fan... is ourselves... and that doesn't help pay the bills.
Don't get me wrong, I have always known that science and math were subjects that I was never good at. I appreciated those who could do well in them, but I knew I was not one of them... but writng... now that was something I thought I was always good at.
Just because I don't watch every show on the CBC or listen to every show on CBC Radio... and don't pay attention to political warfare in my local area.... doesn't make me a bad writer. On a global scale, I can dictate more events happening, than five things happening in my member of parliament's cabinet. Still... how can that determine whether or not I suck at what I do?

I want the dream life. I want to be able to pay off my loans and buy a condo and have the whole nine yards. But I want all this, doing something I am passionate about. What is life, if you don't live passionately? Love passionately? Work passionately?
A friend just reminded me that even Albert Einstein was diagnosed with a learning disability... and he made the history books.
I suppose that was her not so subtle way of telling me to "suck it up!"... which I plan to do.


Thursday, 4 October 2007

My Lonely Planet

Sometimes I feel like the only person on this planet. Yet, I have a close circle of good friends, 360+ friends on Facebook (ya, it counts, sort of), i have no problem communicating with strangers, I have a family, a pet and over 15 cousins... I like people and for the most part, socially, am rarely ever alone. And yet...I am. Alone. It is the strangest feeling. Mentally... emotionally... physically... Perhaps when I feel down I feel inclined to imagine that I am going through the motions by myself, and perhaps in truth, I am not. Yet, sometimes, when walking home from school, or work, through the park or on the subway, I look at everything and everyone around me and realize, that at the end of the day, I am by myself. I have books, material and all the things I need to make life work for me... but somehow I feel as though in a void... it's misty, it's dark... there's colour but it's still dull.
I don't know where I'm going with this... I guess I want someone to wonder about me. If I am awake... If I have turned my lights out, and called it a night. What my last words before going to bed were... who I thought of when I woke up in the morning...
Well, maybe not all that... but I guess it would be nice to be someone... to someone...
All the advice in the world is not going to stop me from feeling how I feel. And trust me, I have heard it all... Don't think about it... things happen when you don't think about it... or... You should take assertion into your own hands... yadda yadda blaah blaah... It would be nice for once, for someone else to take control.
I hate feeling this way. All gooey and mushyucky! Maybe tomorrow will be better. Uuughh! I hope so!

Monday, 3 September 2007

Rambling into Fall

This week marks the beginning of a lot of things happening in my life this season. Along with starting a program at a new school, I am also about to enter the world of technology, full swing. I don't know if I can handle it. This, coming from a girl who barely knew how to use a home PC up until a couple of years ago. It isn't that I was working against technology-- quite the contrary in fact. It's just that I preferred writing the old fashioned way (and still do). I think there's a sense of beauty in it. There is something so personal about a person's handwriting and the manner in which we express ourselves. I didn't use white out. Ever. In fact, if I ever made a mistake, I would scratch the word out, until I myself forgot what was written there.

I read an article the other day that students are having trouble putting letters together, right up to 6th grade. This is because they are being introduced to technology at a young age, starting with PC games. They are so used to hitting a button in order to produce alphabets, that the concept of putting pen to paper to create letters is alien to them. We can easily blame the parents here, for taking the "easier" way by not forcing their children to embrace older methods of communication. However, a lot can be said about schools as well. I remember last year, when I walked into a kindergarten classroom to volunteer with some of the students, and was shocked to see that insted of literal building blocks, they were playing with building blocks that needed to be dragged with the click of a mouse. What about Motor Skills??? Writing Skills? Art? Crafts? Is our world SERIOUSLY being taken over by computers? I thought this was only true in the "grown ups" world. Shouldn't our chlidren be playing with real legos and kitchen sets?
It's surreal.

The reason I haven't been posting as much recently, is because August, as usual, was a busybusy month. Aside from the usual birthday shenanigans, there were the spontneous family get togethers, trying to get my life together in terms of school... which included me standing in a line for 6 hours in order to get 5 minutes with the OSAP financial advisor (really!), and a doozy of a denter in my credit card because of my leap into the technological world of laptops, cameras and gizmos...

I start school on Tuesday with a mixed sense of fear and excitement. I don't know why but suddenly I feel as though I should be going into the working world in order to start paying off my loans... maybe I should be taking whatever comes my way at least for now, so that I won't be stuck at 30 still paying these damn funds off. There's this other part of me that is still screaming though, that I am doing the right thing, At least for now anyway. My mother reminded me that this field was something I was interested in ever since I was in elementary school, and just because I put it on the back burner before starting university, doesn't mean it needs to still be there. The fact that I made a conscious effort to bring this dream to the forefront, says something about it... and I should persue it full throttle. Thanks Mom! I am taking comfort in your wisdom! :o)

Anyone want to explain to me why the base of my laptop, that is sitting on my lap is very hot? My thighs are on fire... and not in a good way either!


Tuesday, 28 August 2007

High Lights / Lowlights of Summer07

This has been a summer of sensory awakenings. I feel different, I'm seeing things differently, I've tasted things I want more of... and in some cases, less... so much has happened in four short months. I've compiled a list of some of the Highlights and Lowlights in my life, from this summer. I am hoping that by visualizing this list, I will be able to put some things into perspective.

Highlight: Going to Cuba in May, with a few of the best girls I had the opportunity to meet in University. It was such a wonderful and freeing experience to be in a new country for the first time in over 12 years. I was so thankful that I had the chance to experience Cuba, and in particular, Havana, while Fidel Castro was still in power. I am a self proclaimed "cultural junkie" and I couldn't get enough of the history and vibrancy that this country had to offer. I enjoyed the beach a lot, but after having pretty much grown up on a beach, it didn't seem any different than what I already have engraved in my memory. It did however, bring with it a calm and serenity that I had not felt in a very long time, and for that I will always be thankful.

Lowlight: Anxiety attack #1 (May 2007). This came soon after I finished my last exam. I don't think I will ever forget the feeling that took over me as I walked out of my final exam in university (MUS211). Though the sun was shining, I felt impending doom. I know this sounds harsh, but I did not feel the exhaltation that people told me would come after handing in my last piece of work for school. Though I already knew I was going back to school in the Fall, I did not feel any comfort in it. I felt nervous, scared, anxious, terrified and simply -- screwed up! This eventually passed, once I realized that I was closing a chapter in my life... in the hopes of embarking on a new and more exciting one in the Fall.

Highlight: Reading books that I wanted to read during the school year, but couldn't because of the ones I had to finish for my English major. These books include "Like Water For Chocolate" by Laura Esquirel, "Love in the Time of Cholera" by Gabriel Garcia Marquez, "He's Just Not That Into You" by Greg Behrendt & Liz Tuccillo, "A Hammock Beneath the Mangoes" - short stories from Latin America, "It's a Good Life if you Don't Weaken" by Seth and I am currently trying to get through Dante's "Inferno".... yup! Sometimes I wish I had a Hammock... and two Palm trees.. on my balcony. I get the breeze, all that is missing is the ambience.

Lowlight: Mom's tests at the hospital. These always worry the bajeepers out of me. She's my Mom and I don't like seeing her hurt. That's all on that topic.

Highlight: Discovering Blvd Room. I have never had a bad time at this place. I like the music, and the crowd isn't too bad either. I like that they have a patio, though the smoking isn't so much fun. I just wish the bouncers were nicer here.

Lowlight: Learning the hard way that people are constantly changing -- self included. We wait in constant hope that we may reconnect with those we were once close to... or simply lost touch with for one reason or another. But just as time moves forward, so do we. Sometimes situations happen and those of us who are strong personalities will continue to be consistent throughout. The rest of us are reshaped by these situations and are forced to move forward... sometimes without those whom we started out with in the first place. This isn't such a bad thing. It just hurts sometimes especially if there is a lot of history involved. We don't like to admit it, we don't like to acknowledge it... but sometimes we just have to face reality and move on. There is no point fighting something that really will never change.

Highlight: Going to Niagara Falls for the first time. Yes, it took me over 11 years to visit the Falls, though my family has been numerous times. I don't know why but somehow, I was always left behind (Go on, shed a tear for me). Going to the falls made me realize how small I am. It was a good feeling. I mean, this is one of the 7 wonders of the world!! (I'm still going based on the old list). To know that this is nature's masterpiece, completely floored me. Man can only do so much, before Mother Nature steps in and does what she does best... and sometimes, worst.

Lowlight: Not going to India. I was really looking forward to visiting my family. I haven't seen them in ages, and I have heard of the numerous additions. It bothers me so much that my Father gets to go as often as he likes, but the rest of us have to wait till we can cough up enough money to simply pay for the damn ticket. Ugh. Someday soon.

Highlight: Adopting Ginger from the Humane Society. She has been in this house for two weeks and has adjusted so well. She is a very friendly cat, with an odd sense of humour. I realize though that she is spoiled, and this is coming back to bite us in the butt. We are finally starting to put her on a regular food schedule and aren't as libral with her treats. I think she's getting a little heavy than before. Nonetheless, she's a gem and has truly changed the dynamic of this house.

..... I think I should end it there. For now anyway. They say it's always nice to end on a high note, so there you go.
I've met a lot of new people this summer, and I am so thankful for that. To the people who have been around over the years, I want you to know how much I appreciate you, and don't take you for granted -- though I have a bad way of showing it.
We're one week away from school, new careers, vacations, and so much more. Good Luck to everyone, and I hope you enjoy whatever it is you're doing.


Thursday, 16 August 2007

This has been a long week. A year older, a greater debt on my credit card than I could ever imagine, a shift in pace (I didn't know life could get this fast...) and then some!
Maybe if I get everything done in the next week or so I can rest up before school starts. I don't want to start school with the way I feel right now.
I will elaborate later.
Hope everyone is well!

Tuesday, 7 August 2007

Waiting Game

We spend so much of our time waiting! Whether it's waiting for the mail man to deliver a very important package that you have been anticipating (read, waiting) for a very long time... or whether you're in a waiting room, waiting for your turn to be served. If we just walk down the street past stores and services, there are people lined up waiting to be cashed out, or to simply catch a glimpse of something. It is kind of unreal!
I never understood why people would go to stores and stand in line from midnight, just to get a copy of the latest version of Playstation, or even the latest Harry Potter book. But I now realize that this notion of waiting is part of the appeal. Producers realize that we as consumers are part of a huge mob when it comes to these products. "Because Tom, Jon and Jim are waiting... I shall wait too"... and that's the key! If people are waiting for products, then the prices can be hiked and "limited supplies" can be sold, just because producers know that their loyal customers will continue to wait until they get what they're standing in line for... at any cost.

I guess this blog is inspired by me waiting for Canada Post. I'm on standby for the next 4 days or so, because I have to be home to pick up a delivery. I was given a tracking number that doesn't seem to work, so I can't even check to see if this package has reached Timbuktu... let alone my front door. So... without knowing anything, I am waiting.

I also came to this realization last month when I was in a hospital waiting room. People make appointments, then wait to go to them. People get tests done, then wait for the results. Those visiting with loved ones, are made to wait in a room until the appropriate time... and we all know time waits for no one. But humans wait for time.
It is just interesting. It seems that the more technology moves forward, the more we continue to wait. At least back in the old days, people knew they had to wait... for snail mail, for roasts to cook, for walking distances to get from one place to the next...
In this day and age we are programmed to function in a fast paced world, where we expect things quickly and are forced to beat the odds and move three steps ahead of life.
Life waits for no one.

Yet somehow, it seems that the more advanced technology gets, the more we continue to wait for things.


Waiting Tables, Waiting for Mr. Right, Waiting on the World to Change, Waiting till Sunset, Waiting for the News, Waiting for Clothes to Dry, Waiting for Our Turn...
So We Keep Waiting...

Thursday, 2 August 2007

The Games People Play

I love it when Chich and I exchange banter and epiphanies! During our idle random chitchats and experiences, something usually comes up that begs for further investigation. Sometimes, certain situations don't even need to be further looked into, because divine intervention kicks in, and brings the answer to us. This my friends, is one of those situations!

Let me rant a bit about what I'm getting at. You see, there are two types of self help books out there that cater to the relationship/dating world. The first kind targets Women. This book is thought to be a must in every woman's library. It will claim to contain all the solutions to problems that haven't even taken place yet, providing hope for the weary, and justification for the bitter. Books like "He's just not that into you", (which I will admit, put a lot of things into perspective) act as bibles... a code of conduct for women to live by. Women all over the world see books like this as eye openers, as they contain truths and "in your face" opinions, that we always wanted to hear but were afraid to admit. These books have undoubtedly made women more aware of the other sex, and what may go through their heads. This is usually because the author of the book is a man, who claims that his goal is to essentially make things easier for the scorned or love sick woman, who doesn't know any better. These are all good things. However, I am just making this note for comparison's sake.

The second kind of book out there, targets Men. This books serves a different purpose than the ones that cater to women. These books don't focus on ridding men of complexes and anxieties that are caused by women. In fact, these books serve quite the opposite purpose. They act as guidelines for single (and not so single) men, who view the dating/relationship world as a big playground, for them to play on. Now, this doesn't necessarly mean ALL men... but specifically the ones who go out to bars or social situations and attempt to pick up women. Women usually unaware of the game, fall for these guys, get hurt in the process of the Game and come home to books like "He's just not that into you" to justify what happened a couple of hours ago.

Chich referred me to a book titled, "The Game" by Neil Strauss. This book focuses on the strange world of the "pickup artist" who prowls the single social scene, in an effort to master this game. The reason this is so important to mention is because Chich and I were targets of a page from this book, a couple of weeks ago. Mind you, at the moment the guy who copied this page into real time, actually succeeded. He had Chich and myself feeding right out of the palm of his hand. We were plesantly surprised at his pick up line and add on, as it was fresh, exciting and quite entertaining. This was refreshing from the usual drool that we were used to at these bars. Sure it seemed odd at first, but we had to give the guy credit. He was being pretty unique.

Not Really. Flash forward 3 weeks to today.

Page 154 was it?

Word for word....
Right from the scenario that caused him to come and talk to us in the first place, down to the "best friend test". It was all there, in print.... poor Chich had to read it on the subway on the way to work.... with no room for genuine reaction. And read it she did.... 5 times over. As I heard her read the page to me over the phone, I was dumbstruck! Really, we got bamboozled. While us women go out there hoping to get WHATEVER out of the night, there are men who knowingly come up to women and consciously do this. They know women are reading these self help books, and are putty in their hands. Their self help books are created to contradict everything we learn about in our own self help books! Amazing!
Here is a link outlining The Game. It truly is an insightful book and a good read. It's getting great reviews.

To Matt from Gracies:
If you're going to take advice from a book, please at least make a small attempt at changing the Best Friend test from "do you share the same shampoo" to "do you share the same conditioner"... It's one word.... not that hard! If you had used half the time you spent memorizing the page, into actually presenting yourself honestly, you may have had a different outcome. It's one thing to take advice from a book in helping your Game.... but at least put your own spin on it rather than plagiarize! Because chances are, the person you're playing with will have read the book too.... and then it's GAME OVER ... for you.

That is all... for now.


Wednesday, 1 August 2007

Agustus is here again

I am convinced August is the busiest month of my life. There's a gajillion birthdays, only in competition with May... there's the prep that goes underway before school starts... my credit card always seems to suffer the wrath of my expenses... and it goes on! But it's not too bad. All of these are positive things. August is the anticipation month for me. I'm anticipating turning a year older, which causes me to reflect, which makes me want to spend more money on things that can change my life. See? Vicious circle!

On a side note, Happy Birthday for July 31st, to Merr, Flora and Elliott!

To the rest of you, Happy August!

Tuesday, 31 July 2007

Brain Fried

"I’m not very good with men. Perhaps I haven’t found the right one. Maybe. Or maybe that whole love thing is just a grown up version of Santa Claus... just a myth that we have been fed since childhood, so we keep buying magazines and joining clubs and doing therapy and watching movies with hip hop songs played over love montages in this pathetic attempt to explain why our love Santa keeps getting caught in the chimney. Vergas always told me love was a leap. Lamentably, I was never inspired to jump"
-(Kate & Leopold - 2001)
For some reason I thought a lot about this quote over the past little while. This summer I've been reflecting on what is real-- right in front of us, but cannot see because we have been fed a different version, made up by society and fiction of what could be... or should be. What is it that we truly seek as human beings? Happiness? Joy? Money? Love? When we think about love, we imagine eternal happiness coming along with the notion of finding someone to spend forever with -- happily ever after. Yet, we are never reminded of the potential negatives. We are told that the only kind of love that can make you happy is the kind of love you find with a "soulmate"... yet, we love ourselves, our family, our friends, our cars and houses, our pets... our life.
In another in depth conversation about my goals in life with my Mum the other day, the topic of marriage was brought up again for another round of applause (not from me!) She talked about her concern for me... how I don't have someone to count on... someone to spend time with... someone to take care of me... essentially! I didn't see where she was coming from at that moment, but I think I get it now. I believe it goes back to an age old idea of women getting married for the sake of dependence. Women would get into relationships so that they could find stability through marriage. Family and the whole nine yards that came with it was the essence of happiness. Men were the bread winners and women kept house. To this day, we can still say that this happens all over the world.
My arguement was this: Sure, some day I would like to settle down with someone and spend forever. However, I also need to stand as an individual on this planet. I refuse to do that as a part of two. I want to be whole and know how to exist on my own. Seperate. If someone comes along and accepts me for all that I am as a whole person, then I guess I will have lucked out. In the meanwhile... I don't believe I'm sad, or missing out. I find happiness in my drive for live. I am studying hard so that at thirty I won't have regrets and will have paid off my student loans. Without a sugar daddy. Sure I miss having someone in my life to just do nothing with... but it's a small factor in the big scheme of things. If and when it happens, it will happen. Everything I do in life, isn't to find Mr. Love. I believe that it doesn't exist. I'm not jaded... it's just that times have changed and with that, priorities have changed too. In order to keep up in this world, women have to work twice as hard as men.. if' we're going to take the honest way up.
I think I think too much.

Wednesday, 25 July 2007

A speck in silence

I remember the feeling distinctly. I was 8 when the days used to be endless. When night came, it was welcomed by the sweet scent of homemade desserts and sounds of unforced laughter. It was a temporary escape from the city -- but it was the ideal escape. I had known this place since the day I was born, which is probably why I was so strongly connected to the sounds, sights and general moods associated with it. It is where the generations met under one roof and we knew we were family. When I turned 8 I finally made the connection. This was my safe place; whether or not anyone still lived here. The mango trees, the untainted breeze... and the silence.

This place was never short of love and it remained that way for generations. It was sparse but cozy, loud but peaceful. I knew every inch that spanned from the two banana trees in the backyard, all the way to the reservoir a couple of blocks away. We used to go swimming in that reservoir. We would get right in there with the spring water and the tiny fishes that circled our legs. No one cared... everyone laughed.

At 8 I realized that when life led me astray and I felt hopeless, I would always come back to this place, even if I wasn't physically present here. It is amazing that although I spent most of my first few years as a child living in the city, I continued to find comfort in the rustic ambience of a secluded utopia built by my great grandfather.

I feel myself climbing those 16 steps to the porch... touching the bench as the sunlight bounces off of the yellow paint... I smell the earthy, wet mud kissed by the monsoons and the fusion of gardenias, sunflowers and roses spinning into the air.... there's spinach growing in the backyard, and pigs bathing under the mango trees. I sense it. I feel it... I'm there.

Never would I have imagined that a weekend and summer getaway as a child, would turn out to be a seatbelt for life as an adult.

From the day I was born, I had been absorbing its essence into my mind. Into my soul. I haven't been back there since I left and yet, I can direct strangers with familiarity.

In my mind, I have fallen asleep on the stone porch for the millionth time. There is a tropical breeze singing a familiar tune, while the coconut trees shade my body -- content with a promise that I will wake up at peace again.

Monday, 23 July 2007

*Note to Self*

Leo-S: Peony, Cherry Blossoms, Hibiscus.

That is all.
For now.

Serenity on Monday is impossible

To say that I am overwhelmed right now would be an understatement. I had already planned on making one big purchase in the month of August, only to receive a letter from school asking me to make two more. In August, I am expected to buy a Laptop, Digital SLR Camera and a 30GB Video Ipod. Ugh! Who would have thought that my first year in College would be more expensive in terms of material than my first two years in University!
In terms of the Laptop, I had my heart set on getting a MacBook. Now, people are telling me that a Dell is also good, and more affordable. I wish I knew more about computers so that I could be more confident about a purchase.
In the meanwhile, I am getting pangs of nervousness about whether or not I have made the right decision to go back to school. What if I suck and screw up? What if I am the worst student in the class? I need to maintain a part time job while in school. I don't have one lined up for September as yet, so what happens if I don't get one? When I go to bed at night I can feel my heart racing at a mile a minute. It's really dumb I know, but I can't help it. The only consolation to this will be when and if I succeed once this program is done.
Yesterday, I was so desperate for some sort of positive change, that I rearranged all the furniture in my room. It's nice to have my feet facing the door. Isn't that one of the rules of Feng Shui? To have your feet face the door? I remember reading about it somewhere, it's supposed to allow the Chi in the room to flow better. It didn't help last night though!
Finally, I don't like being home on weekdays because of Telemarketers! I know there are a lot of people out there who rely on this kind of job to maintain a living... however, I also believe that if I am at home, I don't plan on purchasing something. If I want something, I will go to the store and buy it. If I don't want to go out, I will go online. If that doesn't work, I will call that toll free number that you publicize so much!
Is it friday yet?


Saturday, 21 July 2007

One of THOSE girls

After another random outing at the friday night watering hole downtown, I made a few silent promises to myself. This is not a reflection on the characters of anyone I know, but are rather based on observations and intense people watching skills. Chich says we're too judgemental but I think we're just good observers.
* I promise to not be a 35+ woman, who goes out to watering holes on friday nights and dances by herself in front of the band.
* I promise to not be a 35+ woman, who wears spandex, latex, unitards, metal tones, leather, pleather, animal prints, layers of chains, boob pushing tops, charcoal eyeliner or bright red lipstick-- in combination or individually.
* I promise to not be a 35+ woman who goes out with her cougar friends, in search of 18 year old school boys.
* Even if I am, single, childless and bored... I will indulge myself in coffeeshops, diners, lounges and more relaxed scenes... rather than struggle to hold on to my youth or vicariously live it out through the 10 year olds who surround me.

Ladies, it really isn't necessary. You CAN grow old gracefully. 35 is the new 25 but that doesn't mean you need to show off EVERYTHING you have at 10pm on the wooden dancefloor. Especially if you're the ONLY one dancing. I bet you didn't do that when you were 25... so why start now?
Secondly, to those girls who gather in their clucking, giggling harems and hit the dance floor, only to spill their drinks all overthemselves and trip over their no-heeled shoes... save some face and wipe the mess! It's not attractive and it's really not that entertaining. (Actually it is... for me!) You don't need to scream the words out to EVERY song... you don't need to pretend like you know the words to every song. We both know you don't. It's really ok to go out to a bar and have a good time without getting completely hammered, make a scene, or lose your mind. Sometimes it pays to relax and remember the night whether it was good or bad.

Side note to everyone: I think you should all know that while coming home on the subway last night, my internal funnel once again failed, and I almost got my behind handed to me for mouthing 4 small words: "where is the fire?" If you want more on this story, you're going to have to ask me in person because it only works if I do the facial expressions that go with it.

Happy Saturday!

- SC

Thursday, 19 July 2007

Battles you weren't aware you were in

I find it so amazing how people can be such S**T disturbers, without even giving their actions a second thought. Well, some people don't surprise me because drama runs through their veins... but seriously! Whatever happened to people thinking before they talk? I mean, I shouldn't say anything because I admittedly lack an internal funnel that drains out half the things that come out of my mouth.... but ugh! I can't even speak, I'm so annoyed!

Case and point. And these are the broad strokes. I'm at work. coworker comes up and says "it really sucks that you won't be coming to (another coworker's) birthday." I reply with "why wouldn't I come?" Coworker responds with "well, you know... I mean, it's not like you would come considering..." I get annoyed and say "considering what?" Coworker casually responds with "well, I mean with everything going on and stuff. It would be weird."


What's going on and how am I involved? I couldn't tell you. Frankly I probably wouldn't go... but it's the principle!
a.) Why say anything when you know it might be "weird"?
b.) You know I won't go, so why bring it up?
c.) you're know exactly what you're achieving by doing a & b.

Honestly, my life does not revolve around work, and it never has. I have so much going on outside of the dungeon that I work in, that the stuff happening in there does not even chase up to a close third. If people want drama... they have to follow the above mentioned steps. It's a sure fire way to work. To the person who stirs the pot, I say keep stirring. In return, I will keep shaking my head. It's all I can do really... Until the end of August anyway!


Tuesday, 17 July 2007

Relax, Take it Easy!

I figure if any song title would be appropriate for a Blog title, this would be it. Thank you, Mika.
Also, sometimes a thoughtful phonecall goes a long way... even when you think you don't want to talk to anyone at that moment. Thanks, You! I appreciate that you know me so well... :o)

There's something to be said about taking control of your own life. There are a lot of factors in our lives that force us to constantly be at the mercy of others... whether it is one aspect of it, or everything in entirety. Sometimes things happen in our lives that cause us to be eternally "in debt" to those who have done right by us, while other situations leave us feeling powerless and at the mercy of those who hold things over our heads, so to speak. Sometimes these situations stem from personal or other relationships and sometimes they are the result of minor happenings in life. The thing is, those who have done right by us honestly, do not or should not expect anything in return. Otherwise there's ulterior motives, and the deed isn't done with a good heart. Those who truly care about us will not wait in anticipation for us to do something good for them in return. If we do decide to return the gratitude, we too will do it without a second thought or impulse.
For those who do intentionally make us feel guilty about things beyond our control, or situations that they may know nothing about -- Well, I feel sorry for them. I believe that they only have power if we give it to them. If we take control of our own lives... our rights... our wrongs... then it seems that we will be the victorious ones. No one can have power over us if we don't give them ammunition. If we acknowledge our misgivings and deeds, then we have power. At the end of the day, if we're peaceful with who we are and can look at ourselves in the mirror and be happy with what we have done and accomplished thus far, then I think we're the winners. In truth, I believe that for those who go in search of gossip and feel the need to make things up in order to find substance in their own lives... well, then to that I say... "Let's give them something to talk about!"

Dang Skippy!



So, people have been complaining about the fact that they have tried to comment, but that Blogger is asking them to become a member in order to do so. Guys, you don't have to be a member. If you go to comment on a post, there will be 3 options to identify yourself.
1. Blogger USER NAME & PASSWORD: you need both, so that I can access you in the Blogger community
2. OTHER: Your name and if you have one, your website
3. ANONYMOUS: self explanatory

If you do choose to comment, just check one of the 3 boxes off, and hit submit.

So to answer your question, you don't have to be a Blogger to comment. But you could buy me chocolate and pretty things. I wouldn't mind that at all.


Monday, 16 July 2007

Curiosity or an early twenties crisis?

I've been asking my friends a lot of questions these day, because it seems that I'm having trouble with myself. I haven't quite figured out if this uncomfortable sense of uneasiness stems from things that are happening in my life right now, or result from a lack thereof. In either case I've been getting a steady stream of advice and not so good therapy. In the past 24 hours, I've learned that I'm too nice, judgemental, have my own version of "the friend zone", make people laugh a lot and definitely do not have an internal funnel to pick and choose my thoughts. Didn't see that coming... maybe I did and just didn't want to hear it. But now I know. So, here's some things to work on I guess. Baby steps, again.

Also, I was watching OMNI tv today, for my daily dose of the Ethnic News, and learned that a dozen or so 7-Elevens across the continent have converted their stores into Kwik-E marts, in honour of the Simpsons Movie release on the 27th of this month. Apparently Ethnics (read: brown people) across North America are freaking out about Apu coming to real life. Really, now? Seriously? People, it's only a Movie promotion. It's not like they're going to replace every 7-Eleven worker with someone who looks like a poster child for Apu! The point is that these stores will carry limited editions of The Simpsons Movie items. Such things like Pink Powdered Donuts, Buzz Cola, Squishees... etc! Apu's voice is put out by Hank Azaria... he isn't even Brown! Well, I guess that COULD make matters worse, but it's a show that has been around for 15 some odd years. If it didn't bother you then, why would it now? All they're doing is promoting a movie, and what's the closest thing to a Kwik-E mart?? Exactly.

- SC

Ps. I googled the word "definitely" to make sure I was spelling it correctly, and the first search that came up, amused me a lot!! haha I can't believe someone spent time making that website up! Funny!

Sunday, 15 July 2007

Would you like some Salsa with that?

First of all, why is no one commenting on these posts? I know you're reading them because I can see the hits! I guess I'm friends with a bunch of voyeurs who like reading about my life choose not to add their two cents in. In either case, read on.

I've had a long weekend, and I think I'm ready for a break. Or at least, my feet are. After thankfully not having to work a double shift on freaky friday, I spent the night with a few close friends. Is there anything better than Mexican food, wine (etc), dancing and street meat... all in a span of about 6 hours? I didn't think so.

One of my friends actually has her own place... well, a room in a house that she shares with a few other people. Being a person who still lives at home, I thought of how liberating it would be to be on your own, with no one to answer to other than yourself. This is in fact the case, but when sharing the house with other people who you may not necessarly get along with, there's a lot of downfalls as well.

There's the 4am shuffle from your roommate upstairs, there's the roomie next door boinking away with her boyfriend-- against your wall, the roommate who wakes up at the crack of dawn and drops dishes in the kitchen for sound effects... and the list goes on. Still though, there is something to be said about having your own place. Your terms... your colour scheme. I learned friday night, that purple is an understated colour and that the smokey eye effect is easier to obtain than imagined.

We went to West lounge, and although I didn't particularly remember my last visit there in Feb (Damn you Mr. Tequila), I did have a lot of fun this time. It's so entertaining to see some of your closest friends just relax around one another and have fun -- no inhibitions... sort of. Sadly though, I did something I promised never to do. Not being anywhere close to my closet and only having Van's big closet to raid, I ended up being one of those "Shirt-Dress" girls, for the night. It worked though... or at least that's what they tell me. Then again, I could have very nice friends.
All in all, Friday was a night of firsts and wasn't as freaky... in that sense.

Saturday was a downpour. Literally. After coming home, running some errands and having a power nap, I woke up to hit the St. Clair Salsa festival, only to see winds swooping up the neighbourhood children, and rain destroying my neighbour's daisies. I really wanted to go to the Festival though, so after doing a few more errands, I headed up to St. Clair to meet up with a few friends who had already braved the weather, and were having a good time. I am glad I went. I love seeing the Samba Squad in action. Those people on stilts are really something else. Although, I did scare myself when I saw a clown changing in an abandonned parking lot. Also, I can no longer say that I have never body surfed. Last night, with no people traffic direction in particular, My friends and I survived a crowd surf like no other. We were mauled by 80 yr old elbows and 1 yr old baby strollers. I can now say that a 2 year old did in fact try to kill me with his kicks to the shin.

I enjoyed spending time with friends I had not seen in a while, and realize how far I have come as a person. What put this all together however, was seeing some people I knew from almost a decade ago, and noticing that they were the same as I had left them -- 10 years ago. Ten years! People get degrees, get married, have children, get careers, live, die, transform, grow up... so much! SO MUCH can happen in a decade. But it seems like time stood still for these people. Maybe we're not all the same. Yes, we aren't all cast from the same mould. But is it asking a lot for 12 year old boys to grow into 22 year old men, in a matter of 10 years? I don't think so.

I'm happy with my 10 year plan. Now to hit up the next decade. Maybe my big milestone for this one will be getting a pet... and keeping it alive.


Friday, 13 July 2007

Friday doesn't have to be Freaky...

well, unless you want it to. If you want to get your freak on, by all means, don't stop on my account. However, in honour of today, I decided to Google up some thoughts and facts associated with Friday 13th. You know, this day comes up in the year more frequently than we might imagine. Although the next one isn't till June 2008. And that will be the only one for the year. 2009 will have 3 days.

* The Fear of Friday the 13th is called paraskavedekatriaphobia... Thank the Computer Gods for Cut and Paste. Try saying that in one breath. Imagine telling people that? "I suffer from friday-the-13th-itis. Also known as paraskewerkebabwhat?"
* More than 17 million people are affected by fear of this day. Not a random statistic here folks, this info comes from my friends at Wikipedia and The Stress Management Centre and Phobia Institute.
*There is a significant increase in traffic accidents on Friday the 13th.
* Fidel Castro was born on Friday the 13th of August, 1926. Woah, he's older than I thought.
Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen too. Well, that explains a lot. Friday, June 13th, 1986.
* And according to NASA, asteroid 2004 MN4 will come scarily close to Earth on April 13, 2029, but it will not hit. (What?????) Ok people... this is good. Nothing unlucky about this right? Unlucky is if it HITS us! Cheer up!! :o)

Anyway, whatever you folks may have planned intentionally or otherwise for this day... make sure you stay safe. I will be at work all day, and personally don't plan on walking under any ladders or dropping any salt. Although, I don't do that anyway. And if anything associated with luck happens to you, I hope that it's good. I hope you all get lucky!


Thursday, 12 July 2007

Reality and the Movies

Chich and I spent another random evening just chatting it up about random this and thats. I love these chats. Our conversations make absolutely no sense but they bring such fulfilment and clarity to so many topics.
For instance, we were talking about where we were in our lives, what we wanted out of life and what the near future had the potential of looking like. Sounds deep right? Well, it was.... profoundly! But, here's an example that took place, as we were walking back to the station. We passed by a Blockbuster movie rental, and I decided that I wanted to go in, to see what movies were on sale. Sure enough, I found another chick-flick to add to my growing collection of friday night/saturday afternoon sap... Catch and Release : Chich swears up and down that it's good... so I bought it. We went to the check out counter and I was still apprehensive, so Chich looks at the guy behind the counter (let's call him Andy) and says "Let's ask Andy. Andy have you watched this movie? you must have? Is it good? Tell her it's good!" Andy responds with a nod and some minor chatter, saying that he heard from a friend of a friend that it is in fact good. Did I mention Andy = Cute? No?
Well, Andy = Cute.
Ok. So, here's where it gets interesting. I start to talk (Andy is listening attentively... or he is a good actor) about how I think the movie better be good, and that I live by chick flicks because they fill the void that the lack of boyfriend has created in my life. (Who am I kidding, even if said boyfriend existed, I would never be able to part with my collection!) Anyway, I keep chattering. Talking about how this is the sad hilight of my night. Me, a glass of wine and a chick flick. Classic. REALITY. We cash out, and leave.
Now, the movie version of this would go as follows: Everything would stay the same up until the cash register. Chich would say her part, Andy would say his. I would say my part about how I had a sad life, watching movies, etc, to which Andy would respond with a quick lead in... something perhaps like... "Well, you better stay in tonight, because you're going out tomorrow night!" To which I would respond with "I am? with who?" And Andy would say "With me!"

Aaaannnnd Happily Ever After. Well, or at least a date. But that's a movie. Maybe it would be titled, "A Blockbuster of a Romance"... But Damn! Why does that NEVER happen in real life? It seems so easy!

- SC


Wednesday, 11 July 2007

Guilty Pleasures & Trade offs

In the past 24 hours I have embraced my Summer's guilty pleasure, and embarked on a two year trade off with my family.
Guilty pleasure: 3 hours a week of Awful television -- Big Brother 8.
Trade Off: 2 years of journalism school, after which I pick up the first job that comes along, whether or not it is in fact in a journalistic field. (Yikes! - There is a God...)
I was watching Big Brother last night, and one of the scenes that stood out the most, was when Jen lied and told everyone that Nick tried to kiss her, just because she was jealous that he was spending a lot of time with Danielle. (Wow?!?) It's amazing to see how someone can be so wrapped up in her own little world that she loses sight of reality and the truths that surround her. This is a girl who, in real life is so used to getting attention (based on physical attributes, not personality), that while being trapped in a house full of people, she feels that she has no other option but to lie BADLY in order to get attention! If you're going to lie, at least be smooth about it. Sigh! I guess people do this in real life too, but we don't really see both sides of it, like we did here.

More on the trade off later.

Someone at the gym told me {by the way, i've worked out 3 times so far this week (yay me!)} that a mean persona for a nice person should not be a seperate entity. I told him that I was working on releasing mean Me out into the world. He suggested that mean, angry, hurt, sad, happy, joyful, etc... should just be part of who you are, and not someone seperate. Release Baracuda, Lioness sides of yourself, but don't make them entire beings. Now, this makes sense to me.... does it make sense when I type it out for people to read? I don't know. I guess this is my struggle towards becoming a Whole person. I want balance and serenity in my life and it is something that I have struggled with throughout my existence. Some days are worse than others, and sometimes something will happen that will make me feel like my world is crashing in around me. I am working on it, folks! I'm working on finding that switch inside me, that will hold me together when someone screams "the sky is falling!" Baby Steps.

Monday, 9 July 2007

How to make the 6pm News!

Another humid, hot summer day, another opportunity to voice your opinion in front of millions of viewers at home? Not really. Today has just been another ordinary day, with the exception of five minutes. Matt and I, both having the day free, decided to pay attention to our city and feel it's pulse on a Monday afternoon. Little did we know that a walk through Chinatown would lead us straight into the lense of CityTV journalist, Dwight Drummond. Upon seeing him, I interrupted Matt's story about something pretty profound, that I forget at this moment.. (sorry Matty), and went all dreamy eyed at seeing a CP24 journalist, live and in person! For someone who has every intention of getting into a field where I will have to interact with public figures on a daily basis, I got (and usually do) pretty star struck over the norm. I'm such a Geek! He was doing a special on bootlegged dvd's and how the distribution of them is linked to organized crime in the city. Once the cameras stopped rolling after he finished his opening segment, I, by some force of sheer insanity (I am blaming the humidity on this one) decided to ditch Matt, run up to Dwight Drummond and tell him that I loved him on TV... and Merella Fernandez. Did I mention I'm a Geek? Oh Dear -- some how I can see this coming back to haunt me in the future.
After a little chitchat about the story itself and some discussion about my background (another person who thinks I'm from the West Indies), he asked if I wanted to talk on TV. (ummmmmm YEAH!!).... to which I casually responded as though it wasn't the most exciting thing that had happend to me in two months, "sure, why not?"-- all this while holding onto Matt's arm in a death grip! Anyway, I answered his question about how DVDs are available everywhere and consumers do buy them because the costs of movie tickets are going up. The Cameraman was awesome, as he managed to frame my answer in words that wouldn't get me into too much trouble. At least I hope it won't get either Matt or myself in ANY trouble.

Anyway, so to sum it up, here are the steps you take if you want to make it on the 6pm News:

1. Ask another bored friend if he/she wants to come hang out with you as you wander around the City
2. Walk through Chinatown, while you sweat buckets. It's a workout and a learning experience with good company.
3. Walk left on Queen St. towards CityTv, or the Crepes place.
4. See a Journalist out of the corner of your eye, and proceed to tell him how much you Love him and that you watch the News all the time, and then fill him in on some factoids that you could have only learned if you did in fact watch the News all the time.
5. Ask him what story he is doing.
6. Answer his question. DO NOT look into the camera... look at the journalist. I got a little ahead of myself and talked into the camera the first time.... I guess I thought I was hosting the segment... wishful thinking on my part. Yikes!
7. Make sure your friend is standing very close by. He may choose not to say anything beacause he either a.) wants to pretend like he doesn't know you, or b.) is guilty of said story.

8. Then proceed on your merry way, making sure to get home in time for the 6pm News, so that you can tape the segment, watch it over and over, show your Mom, watch it over and over with her... ... ... all 5 seconds of it because they cut out 80% of what you actually said.

Matt, what did I tell you-- never a dull day in the Living City!


Sunday, 8 July 2007

Tester or Teaser?

... I'm back at it. This time I plan to stick around for longer than 3 months. I realize I have a lot to say and need a place to say it without sounding absolutely ridiculous! So, my blog... my thoughts... my space? So, I guess it's like talking to a wall that won't talk back... except not, because you're reading it... and will probably comment on it. But then again, I want comments. So, stay tuned for more random, odd, fresh, strange, awesome, tragic, illustrious banter!
- SC
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