Monday, 3 September 2007

Rambling into Fall

This week marks the beginning of a lot of things happening in my life this season. Along with starting a program at a new school, I am also about to enter the world of technology, full swing. I don't know if I can handle it. This, coming from a girl who barely knew how to use a home PC up until a couple of years ago. It isn't that I was working against technology-- quite the contrary in fact. It's just that I preferred writing the old fashioned way (and still do). I think there's a sense of beauty in it. There is something so personal about a person's handwriting and the manner in which we express ourselves. I didn't use white out. Ever. In fact, if I ever made a mistake, I would scratch the word out, until I myself forgot what was written there.

I read an article the other day that students are having trouble putting letters together, right up to 6th grade. This is because they are being introduced to technology at a young age, starting with PC games. They are so used to hitting a button in order to produce alphabets, that the concept of putting pen to paper to create letters is alien to them. We can easily blame the parents here, for taking the "easier" way by not forcing their children to embrace older methods of communication. However, a lot can be said about schools as well. I remember last year, when I walked into a kindergarten classroom to volunteer with some of the students, and was shocked to see that insted of literal building blocks, they were playing with building blocks that needed to be dragged with the click of a mouse. What about Motor Skills??? Writing Skills? Art? Crafts? Is our world SERIOUSLY being taken over by computers? I thought this was only true in the "grown ups" world. Shouldn't our chlidren be playing with real legos and kitchen sets?
It's surreal.

The reason I haven't been posting as much recently, is because August, as usual, was a busybusy month. Aside from the usual birthday shenanigans, there were the spontneous family get togethers, trying to get my life together in terms of school... which included me standing in a line for 6 hours in order to get 5 minutes with the OSAP financial advisor (really!), and a doozy of a denter in my credit card because of my leap into the technological world of laptops, cameras and gizmos...

I start school on Tuesday with a mixed sense of fear and excitement. I don't know why but suddenly I feel as though I should be going into the working world in order to start paying off my loans... maybe I should be taking whatever comes my way at least for now, so that I won't be stuck at 30 still paying these damn funds off. There's this other part of me that is still screaming though, that I am doing the right thing, At least for now anyway. My mother reminded me that this field was something I was interested in ever since I was in elementary school, and just because I put it on the back burner before starting university, doesn't mean it needs to still be there. The fact that I made a conscious effort to bring this dream to the forefront, says something about it... and I should persue it full throttle. Thanks Mom! I am taking comfort in your wisdom! :o)

Anyone want to explain to me why the base of my laptop, that is sitting on my lap is very hot? My thighs are on fire... and not in a good way either!

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