Saturday, 21 July 2007

One of THOSE girls

After another random outing at the friday night watering hole downtown, I made a few silent promises to myself. This is not a reflection on the characters of anyone I know, but are rather based on observations and intense people watching skills. Chich says we're too judgemental but I think we're just good observers.
* I promise to not be a 35+ woman, who goes out to watering holes on friday nights and dances by herself in front of the band.
* I promise to not be a 35+ woman, who wears spandex, latex, unitards, metal tones, leather, pleather, animal prints, layers of chains, boob pushing tops, charcoal eyeliner or bright red lipstick-- in combination or individually.
* I promise to not be a 35+ woman who goes out with her cougar friends, in search of 18 year old school boys.
* Even if I am, single, childless and bored... I will indulge myself in coffeeshops, diners, lounges and more relaxed scenes... rather than struggle to hold on to my youth or vicariously live it out through the 10 year olds who surround me.

Ladies, it really isn't necessary. You CAN grow old gracefully. 35 is the new 25 but that doesn't mean you need to show off EVERYTHING you have at 10pm on the wooden dancefloor. Especially if you're the ONLY one dancing. I bet you didn't do that when you were 25... so why start now?
Secondly, to those girls who gather in their clucking, giggling harems and hit the dance floor, only to spill their drinks all overthemselves and trip over their no-heeled shoes... save some face and wipe the mess! It's not attractive and it's really not that entertaining. (Actually it is... for me!) You don't need to scream the words out to EVERY song... you don't need to pretend like you know the words to every song. We both know you don't. It's really ok to go out to a bar and have a good time without getting completely hammered, make a scene, or lose your mind. Sometimes it pays to relax and remember the night whether it was good or bad.

Side note to everyone: I think you should all know that while coming home on the subway last night, my internal funnel once again failed, and I almost got my behind handed to me for mouthing 4 small words: "where is the fire?" If you want more on this story, you're going to have to ask me in person because it only works if I do the facial expressions that go with it.

Happy Saturday!

- SC

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