Tuesday, 17 July 2007

Relax, Take it Easy!

I figure if any song title would be appropriate for a Blog title, this would be it. Thank you, Mika.
Also, sometimes a thoughtful phonecall goes a long way... even when you think you don't want to talk to anyone at that moment. Thanks, You! I appreciate that you know me so well... :o)

There's something to be said about taking control of your own life. There are a lot of factors in our lives that force us to constantly be at the mercy of others... whether it is one aspect of it, or everything in entirety. Sometimes things happen in our lives that cause us to be eternally "in debt" to those who have done right by us, while other situations leave us feeling powerless and at the mercy of those who hold things over our heads, so to speak. Sometimes these situations stem from personal or other relationships and sometimes they are the result of minor happenings in life. The thing is, those who have done right by us honestly, do not or should not expect anything in return. Otherwise there's ulterior motives, and the deed isn't done with a good heart. Those who truly care about us will not wait in anticipation for us to do something good for them in return. If we do decide to return the gratitude, we too will do it without a second thought or impulse.
For those who do intentionally make us feel guilty about things beyond our control, or situations that they may know nothing about -- Well, I feel sorry for them. I believe that they only have power if we give it to them. If we take control of our own lives... our rights... our wrongs... then it seems that we will be the victorious ones. No one can have power over us if we don't give them ammunition. If we acknowledge our misgivings and deeds, then we have power. At the end of the day, if we're peaceful with who we are and can look at ourselves in the mirror and be happy with what we have done and accomplished thus far, then I think we're the winners. In truth, I believe that for those who go in search of gossip and feel the need to make things up in order to find substance in their own lives... well, then to that I say... "Let's give them something to talk about!"

Dang Skippy!


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