Thursday, 12 July 2007

Reality and the Movies

Chich and I spent another random evening just chatting it up about random this and thats. I love these chats. Our conversations make absolutely no sense but they bring such fulfilment and clarity to so many topics.
For instance, we were talking about where we were in our lives, what we wanted out of life and what the near future had the potential of looking like. Sounds deep right? Well, it was.... profoundly! But, here's an example that took place, as we were walking back to the station. We passed by a Blockbuster movie rental, and I decided that I wanted to go in, to see what movies were on sale. Sure enough, I found another chick-flick to add to my growing collection of friday night/saturday afternoon sap... Catch and Release : Chich swears up and down that it's good... so I bought it. We went to the check out counter and I was still apprehensive, so Chich looks at the guy behind the counter (let's call him Andy) and says "Let's ask Andy. Andy have you watched this movie? you must have? Is it good? Tell her it's good!" Andy responds with a nod and some minor chatter, saying that he heard from a friend of a friend that it is in fact good. Did I mention Andy = Cute? No?
Well, Andy = Cute.
Ok. So, here's where it gets interesting. I start to talk (Andy is listening attentively... or he is a good actor) about how I think the movie better be good, and that I live by chick flicks because they fill the void that the lack of boyfriend has created in my life. (Who am I kidding, even if said boyfriend existed, I would never be able to part with my collection!) Anyway, I keep chattering. Talking about how this is the sad hilight of my night. Me, a glass of wine and a chick flick. Classic. REALITY. We cash out, and leave.
Now, the movie version of this would go as follows: Everything would stay the same up until the cash register. Chich would say her part, Andy would say his. I would say my part about how I had a sad life, watching movies, etc, to which Andy would respond with a quick lead in... something perhaps like... "Well, you better stay in tonight, because you're going out tomorrow night!" To which I would respond with "I am? with who?" And Andy would say "With me!"

Aaaannnnd Happily Ever After. Well, or at least a date. But that's a movie. Maybe it would be titled, "A Blockbuster of a Romance"... But Damn! Why does that NEVER happen in real life? It seems so easy!

- SC


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