Monday, 9 July 2007

How to make the 6pm News!

Another humid, hot summer day, another opportunity to voice your opinion in front of millions of viewers at home? Not really. Today has just been another ordinary day, with the exception of five minutes. Matt and I, both having the day free, decided to pay attention to our city and feel it's pulse on a Monday afternoon. Little did we know that a walk through Chinatown would lead us straight into the lense of CityTV journalist, Dwight Drummond. Upon seeing him, I interrupted Matt's story about something pretty profound, that I forget at this moment.. (sorry Matty), and went all dreamy eyed at seeing a CP24 journalist, live and in person! For someone who has every intention of getting into a field where I will have to interact with public figures on a daily basis, I got (and usually do) pretty star struck over the norm. I'm such a Geek! He was doing a special on bootlegged dvd's and how the distribution of them is linked to organized crime in the city. Once the cameras stopped rolling after he finished his opening segment, I, by some force of sheer insanity (I am blaming the humidity on this one) decided to ditch Matt, run up to Dwight Drummond and tell him that I loved him on TV... and Merella Fernandez. Did I mention I'm a Geek? Oh Dear -- some how I can see this coming back to haunt me in the future.
After a little chitchat about the story itself and some discussion about my background (another person who thinks I'm from the West Indies), he asked if I wanted to talk on TV. (ummmmmm YEAH!!).... to which I casually responded as though it wasn't the most exciting thing that had happend to me in two months, "sure, why not?"-- all this while holding onto Matt's arm in a death grip! Anyway, I answered his question about how DVDs are available everywhere and consumers do buy them because the costs of movie tickets are going up. The Cameraman was awesome, as he managed to frame my answer in words that wouldn't get me into too much trouble. At least I hope it won't get either Matt or myself in ANY trouble.

Anyway, so to sum it up, here are the steps you take if you want to make it on the 6pm News:

1. Ask another bored friend if he/she wants to come hang out with you as you wander around the City
2. Walk through Chinatown, while you sweat buckets. It's a workout and a learning experience with good company.
3. Walk left on Queen St. towards CityTv, or the Crepes place.
4. See a Journalist out of the corner of your eye, and proceed to tell him how much you Love him and that you watch the News all the time, and then fill him in on some factoids that you could have only learned if you did in fact watch the News all the time.
5. Ask him what story he is doing.
6. Answer his question. DO NOT look into the camera... look at the journalist. I got a little ahead of myself and talked into the camera the first time.... I guess I thought I was hosting the segment... wishful thinking on my part. Yikes!
7. Make sure your friend is standing very close by. He may choose not to say anything beacause he either a.) wants to pretend like he doesn't know you, or b.) is guilty of said story.

8. Then proceed on your merry way, making sure to get home in time for the 6pm News, so that you can tape the segment, watch it over and over, show your Mom, watch it over and over with her... ... ... all 5 seconds of it because they cut out 80% of what you actually said.

Matt, what did I tell you-- never a dull day in the Living City!


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