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Hi Everyone,

How are you? First of all, thank you for taking the time to visit my blog. I appreciate you swinging by and reading the meandering thoughts and musings that flow from my brain (but mostly from my heart).

Straight From The Curls has been around for over three years now, and it's definitely a labour of love. This blog is essentially an extension of me. It's gives me the opportunity to share fascinating and entertaining findings with you, along with little tid-bits and insights from my experiences in life. 

I love comments and appreciate the time readers take to engage in dialogue with me. I'll always comment back, so please feel free to share your thoughts. If you have your own blog, I'd also love to visit it, so be sure to leave a link to it in your comment.

Straight From The Curls has a few themes in its posts. For starters, I love to travel. Even if it's a short trip to the park next door. I love experiencing the new and unfamiliar, and then take every opportunity to document my insights through photographs and words. I think the art of storytelling is amazing -- both as a listener and a teller.

I've traveled through a handful of countries so far, and hope to continue through a whole lot more in the coming years. My travels have helped me learn a lot about our planet, and somewhere along the way, I also learned a lot about myself.

Which brings me to the second theme... personal insights. I believe we're all works in progress. If everyone believes they're perfect, then there's no where else to go. I truly feel I'm constantly changing and evolving (at least I hope so). So every time I have personal and eye-opening experiences, you'll find them documented on here as well.

Finally, I genuinely try to keep the posts positive and up-beat for the most part. I think positivity is contagious, and once in a while, I like to write about things that make people think about their own lives. It's important to stay hopeful, while looking forward. So some posts are dedicated to just that -- promoting hope and love through the written word.

I'm a 20-something writer based out of Toronto, Canada. My goal in life is to find happiness in all that I do (or at least try to), while encouraging others along the way to do the same. I like giving people the benefit of the doubt, and love it when others share their life experiences with me.

I enjoy falling asleep on hammocks in tropical climate, baking, traveling, storytelling, meeting new people, dancing (not a professional by any means), chocolate, sleeping, reading, warm showers, the smell of the earth after a tropical monsoon storm, a gust of wind on a hot summer day, woolen scarves (and socks), autumn, the coast, laughter and feelings of love -- not necessarily in that order.

So please feel free to drop me a line any time, and introduce yourself! I'd love to learn more about you.

You can also find Straight From The Curls on TumblrFacebook and Twitter. So please don't be shy, and say, "Hello!" :)

Warmest wishes,



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  2. Hi :) I just stumbled upon your blog and I love it! I just started my own not too long ago and if you have a moment it would mean the world if you could check it out! Thank you!


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