Tuesday, 7 August 2007

Waiting Game

We spend so much of our time waiting! Whether it's waiting for the mail man to deliver a very important package that you have been anticipating (read, waiting) for a very long time... or whether you're in a waiting room, waiting for your turn to be served. If we just walk down the street past stores and services, there are people lined up waiting to be cashed out, or to simply catch a glimpse of something. It is kind of unreal!
I never understood why people would go to stores and stand in line from midnight, just to get a copy of the latest version of Playstation, or even the latest Harry Potter book. But I now realize that this notion of waiting is part of the appeal. Producers realize that we as consumers are part of a huge mob when it comes to these products. "Because Tom, Jon and Jim are waiting... I shall wait too"... and that's the key! If people are waiting for products, then the prices can be hiked and "limited supplies" can be sold, just because producers know that their loyal customers will continue to wait until they get what they're standing in line for... at any cost.

I guess this blog is inspired by me waiting for Canada Post. I'm on standby for the next 4 days or so, because I have to be home to pick up a delivery. I was given a tracking number that doesn't seem to work, so I can't even check to see if this package has reached Timbuktu... let alone my front door. So... without knowing anything, I am waiting.

I also came to this realization last month when I was in a hospital waiting room. People make appointments, then wait to go to them. People get tests done, then wait for the results. Those visiting with loved ones, are made to wait in a room until the appropriate time... and we all know time waits for no one. But humans wait for time.
It is just interesting. It seems that the more technology moves forward, the more we continue to wait. At least back in the old days, people knew they had to wait... for snail mail, for roasts to cook, for walking distances to get from one place to the next...
In this day and age we are programmed to function in a fast paced world, where we expect things quickly and are forced to beat the odds and move three steps ahead of life.
Life waits for no one.

Yet somehow, it seems that the more advanced technology gets, the more we continue to wait for things.


Waiting Tables, Waiting for Mr. Right, Waiting on the World to Change, Waiting till Sunset, Waiting for the News, Waiting for Clothes to Dry, Waiting for Our Turn...
So We Keep Waiting...

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