Sunday, 15 July 2007

Would you like some Salsa with that?

First of all, why is no one commenting on these posts? I know you're reading them because I can see the hits! I guess I'm friends with a bunch of voyeurs who like reading about my life choose not to add their two cents in. In either case, read on.

I've had a long weekend, and I think I'm ready for a break. Or at least, my feet are. After thankfully not having to work a double shift on freaky friday, I spent the night with a few close friends. Is there anything better than Mexican food, wine (etc), dancing and street meat... all in a span of about 6 hours? I didn't think so.

One of my friends actually has her own place... well, a room in a house that she shares with a few other people. Being a person who still lives at home, I thought of how liberating it would be to be on your own, with no one to answer to other than yourself. This is in fact the case, but when sharing the house with other people who you may not necessarly get along with, there's a lot of downfalls as well.

There's the 4am shuffle from your roommate upstairs, there's the roomie next door boinking away with her boyfriend-- against your wall, the roommate who wakes up at the crack of dawn and drops dishes in the kitchen for sound effects... and the list goes on. Still though, there is something to be said about having your own place. Your terms... your colour scheme. I learned friday night, that purple is an understated colour and that the smokey eye effect is easier to obtain than imagined.

We went to West lounge, and although I didn't particularly remember my last visit there in Feb (Damn you Mr. Tequila), I did have a lot of fun this time. It's so entertaining to see some of your closest friends just relax around one another and have fun -- no inhibitions... sort of. Sadly though, I did something I promised never to do. Not being anywhere close to my closet and only having Van's big closet to raid, I ended up being one of those "Shirt-Dress" girls, for the night. It worked though... or at least that's what they tell me. Then again, I could have very nice friends.
All in all, Friday was a night of firsts and wasn't as freaky... in that sense.

Saturday was a downpour. Literally. After coming home, running some errands and having a power nap, I woke up to hit the St. Clair Salsa festival, only to see winds swooping up the neighbourhood children, and rain destroying my neighbour's daisies. I really wanted to go to the Festival though, so after doing a few more errands, I headed up to St. Clair to meet up with a few friends who had already braved the weather, and were having a good time. I am glad I went. I love seeing the Samba Squad in action. Those people on stilts are really something else. Although, I did scare myself when I saw a clown changing in an abandonned parking lot. Also, I can no longer say that I have never body surfed. Last night, with no people traffic direction in particular, My friends and I survived a crowd surf like no other. We were mauled by 80 yr old elbows and 1 yr old baby strollers. I can now say that a 2 year old did in fact try to kill me with his kicks to the shin.

I enjoyed spending time with friends I had not seen in a while, and realize how far I have come as a person. What put this all together however, was seeing some people I knew from almost a decade ago, and noticing that they were the same as I had left them -- 10 years ago. Ten years! People get degrees, get married, have children, get careers, live, die, transform, grow up... so much! SO MUCH can happen in a decade. But it seems like time stood still for these people. Maybe we're not all the same. Yes, we aren't all cast from the same mould. But is it asking a lot for 12 year old boys to grow into 22 year old men, in a matter of 10 years? I don't think so.

I'm happy with my 10 year plan. Now to hit up the next decade. Maybe my big milestone for this one will be getting a pet... and keeping it alive.


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