Thursday, 19 July 2007

Battles you weren't aware you were in

I find it so amazing how people can be such S**T disturbers, without even giving their actions a second thought. Well, some people don't surprise me because drama runs through their veins... but seriously! Whatever happened to people thinking before they talk? I mean, I shouldn't say anything because I admittedly lack an internal funnel that drains out half the things that come out of my mouth.... but ugh! I can't even speak, I'm so annoyed!

Case and point. And these are the broad strokes. I'm at work. coworker comes up and says "it really sucks that you won't be coming to (another coworker's) birthday." I reply with "why wouldn't I come?" Coworker responds with "well, you know... I mean, it's not like you would come considering..." I get annoyed and say "considering what?" Coworker casually responds with "well, I mean with everything going on and stuff. It would be weird."


What's going on and how am I involved? I couldn't tell you. Frankly I probably wouldn't go... but it's the principle!
a.) Why say anything when you know it might be "weird"?
b.) You know I won't go, so why bring it up?
c.) you're know exactly what you're achieving by doing a & b.

Honestly, my life does not revolve around work, and it never has. I have so much going on outside of the dungeon that I work in, that the stuff happening in there does not even chase up to a close third. If people want drama... they have to follow the above mentioned steps. It's a sure fire way to work. To the person who stirs the pot, I say keep stirring. In return, I will keep shaking my head. It's all I can do really... Until the end of August anyway!


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