Wednesday, 9 July 2008

"Gunna smile 'cause I deserve to..."

Happy Birthday, Gramps! xoxo

I felt as though I was losing my mind this morning. For some reason I couldn't find myself balanced with everything that's happening in my life. I'm usually very good at compartmentalizing different aspects of things that affect me on a day to day basis... but this morning, it just felt as though things were crashing into me like waves and I couldn't keep up.

So... I did some early "summer cleaning."

This started with me getting rid of old e-mails... forwards and otherwise. I also minimized myself down to one central social network... which, mind you, I would also like to get rid of at some point in time because it's getting hard to keep up. I'm absolutely enjoying touching base with friends whom I thought I would never speak to again because of the different journeys that life has taken us on... but at the same time, there's certain people I would rather not keep up with, to be honest... because it hurts. It's one of those things where you can't help but look... you know? sort of like a train-wreck... you know it's bad... but you stare anyway.

Facebook is fine though... It's worked for me for all these years... I guess I'm just reacting to being overwhelmed.

I also came THIS close to getting rid of StraightFromTheCurls! !!! I know... what?? Right after its first birthday too!! BUT I couldn't bring myself to do it... tis a labour of love, after all.... and some of the back-posts make me laugh.

Anyway, I've been spending the past few weeks making some pretty critical decisions for myself...

Someone once asked me what my 5-year plan was... and I told her I didn't have one. So here I am, making a one year plan. That's better than no plan right? There's a lot happening over the course of the next year, starting in September 2008. i guess it helps to have an idea and to have options.

I was on YouTube again... I found another Leona Lewis song that I didn't think I liked at first... but then I re-read the lyrics and thought - damn! Talk about empowerment!

Here's The Best You Never Had


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  1. ..."Cause in your empty heart, I have left a mark...the best you never had"...I'm so proud of you Simi!


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