Friday, 4 July 2008

Note to self...

Well, I guess I made one self-discovery today.

I don't know much about a lot of things, but I realized today, that if I ever get married, there is one thing (aside from the groom) that I'd like on that day...

During the ceremony (or at some point during it...), I want Bach/Schubert's version of "Ave Maria" to be playing on the piano/sax.

hmm... Maybe one, then the other?? Ok, I guess that's a decision yet to be made.

But really, This has to be the most relaxing, enchanting version of the song that I've ever heard. I think my uncle Roy had this song at his wedding waay back when. It seems familiar.

Ok, I'll stop talking about weddings. But... fyi. Or maybe... for my info. Ick!



Ok... last one, I swear!

One more discovery for today: I'm super excited about 2009. Super scared too... but excited, still! :o)

Ok, that's it!


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