Friday, 25 July 2008

Step One is Admitting You Have a Problem

Hi. My name is SC and I am a YouTube-a-holic.

I find myself coming into work every day, logging on to my computer, opening up my Outlook, checking my e-mail (from the boss lady and friends), opening up my Gmail, checking my e-mail (from school, friends, lovers and other strangers), opening up Facebook, etc.. etc... etc... (wash, rinse and start all over...)


And then...

once I'm well settled in, with Word and Excel opened up to the appropriate documents of the day, I log onto... (any guesses here??) YouTube.

This wasn't a real problem before because I never really familiarized myself with the site. I would go on to check out music videos or clips from some of my favourite shows. But lately, on my daily quests for music to help me ignore everything else around the office, I've been encountering some stuff that I'd pushed away in the filing cabinet that occupies a third of my brain, (the other two thirds have other purposes, don't worry!).

And with these songs, there are magnificent videos that capture the essence of the lyrics or scores. I spoke about "Stardust" earlier, in how it's a very visually stimulating video that you can watch as you listen to the words...

Today, I was listening to scores from The Godfather, Breakfast at Tiffany's and Love Story. The common factor? 10 points to the person who guessed, Andy Williams.

It started out with Frank Sinatra, but one thing led to another and... you know... (I know, I'm such a YouTube skank, jumping from one artist to the next without so much as a second click!).

ANYWAY, I found this video. Someone created it to go with the Piano theme of Love Story. I honestly think this should be on the Harlequin Romance website ...

The creator of this video must either be a very hopeful individual or an eternal optimist. Either that or this person is truly, madly and deeply in love...

In either case... good job. You managed to get a border-line cynic like myself to not only get all mush-yucky watching your video, but you also made me post it on my blog.

Well done. Jerk.


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