Thursday, 24 July 2008

Stardust Melody

... I don't know how I would survive work without YouTube... (Thank you, for keeping me in mind when creating your site, YouTube creator!)

I just listened to Bob Marley not too long ago, while compiling contact lists upon contact lists... and now? Beautiful... soulful... soothing... enchanting... Nat King Cole.

Yes, you can make fun of me. I've already had 2 people walk by my desk, asking me why I had a goofy "sappy" look on my face. Thankfully they can't hear what I'm listening to because I don't have speakers and have to plug my headphones into the computer.

I watched this video on YouTube with images captured from the Hubble telescope, while "Stardust" by Nat King Cole played in the background. It's funny how these visuals can have such a profound impact on your mood, emotions, senses... I watched the video, maybe about three times in a row. I kept thinking about the reality of how tiny I actually am in the grand scheme of things. I'm a literal speck among billions... It's good to keep things like this in mind when I find I'm overwhelmed or getting ahead of myself.

My aunt was right when she said that the best way to get to some one's emotions is to capture the senses...

If played well, I've caught myself teary-eyed while watching commercials (those people at Hallmark know what they're doing, targeting people like me...).


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