Saturday, 12 July 2008

Every once in a while...

... someone says something to me that really gets my wheels going. This time, it was something a coworker said to me, as we ate a very unhealthy lunch of burgers at the food court by our office.
The topic? Well, it was the usual subject of choice: men and issues surrounding... well, men.

She said, "Well, here's the thing... if I know I can have him, then I don't want him."

It was as simple as that.

But it got me thinking because for some reason, it made so much sense. Time and time again I have met women from all walks of life who have uttered the same phrase to me: "Why is it always the ones I'm not interested in?"

Could it be that it's all in the chase?

As my coworker and I discussed this (I was fascinated), I realized that it is in fact all about the chase. From both sides. It seems that if one party is more invested into it than the other, there's bound to be an unbalance that will eventually throw the relationship out the window.

If there is an attraction, then either both parties admit to it right away and lay an equal value of cards down.... or they start playing a game -- with each taking turns to either be the cat or the mouse -- only later admitting to being absolutely infatuated from the start.

Even for me, this statement rings true. I have never been attracted to the guys I knew I could get. I can't recall one single time. It's always been the ones that I knew were a challenge... and it seems as though I'm not alone in this.

So, readers.... what are your thoughts on this?? your experiences??

I'm really interested to see how this maps out. We all talk about how we don't like it when people play games... but in the end, if this is how it works... isn't it ALL one big monopoly board? Where if you over invest, you're screwed.... or if you don't ante up enough... you're out?


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  1. its the fatass u have unhealthy lunches with ;) .. just leaving my mark .. no comment .. u already know what i think about this lol.


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