Saturday, 25 July 2009

Depending on how the wind blows...

Decisions, decisions. So many decisions.
Don't you sometimes wish that someone else can decide what your next step in life is supposed to be?

Erm... maybe not. I think I'd grow tired of that very quickly.

I suppose decision-making is harder when you find yourself at a big fork in the road. This isn't apples vs oranges or jeans vs a skirt. The decision I'm faced with will map out the next year of my life. Maybe more.

Some people say it's easy to make a big shift during a recession. It's a chance to leave behind the old and move on to something new. The most daring take gambles at this time and try to create a dramatic shift... in thought, perspective and in actions.

I'm still trying to figure out if I'm one of those daring people.

In just over a week I'll have some news for all of you. Some big news, in fact. Sorry about the suspense, but I don't have anything concrete to tell just yet, and I want to be sure before I say anything.

But if this yo-yo of an experience has taught me anything, it's that I'm more patient than I ever imagined I was.

And that V is right: I do think a lot... so much in fact, that I make my head spin. Head spinning sucks at the best of times (think red wine highs).

I hope that within the next two weeks I'll find myself on a path that will allow me to commit more concretely to what I'm doing.

Think some Joel Olsten will help?


Photo courtesy of FriendsorEnemies

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  1. my are meant to do what you are meant to do, timing never works the way you want. And as the saying goes, life happens while you're making plans. live it up!


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