Tuesday, 28 July 2009

Margarita trumps fork in the road

This summer has been chaotic, to say the least. I don't know how I've made it to the end of July without stopping in the middle of the street, looking up to the skies and yelling, "OK! I've had enough, you can stop torturing me now!"

Ok, maybe that would be slightly dramatic. But you get the idea.

My friend said it best today: "You're a goddamn yo-yo!"

I'm a yo-yo, yes I know.

So, in order to deal with this yo-yo-ness, I've had to implement emergency coping strategies to help me get through the rest of the week. I assure you, next week will result in a new list.

But for now:

1. A self-imposed margarita haze
It will knock off an hour or two of thinking time, while making things seem a bit more pleasant and less chaotic. (Note: temporary, yet delicious solution).

2. Start making phone calls
Talking kills time. Listening to the stories of others kills time. Calling friends and family and begging them to talk to me about their week will certainly have me focusing on something other than my stupid fork in the road. (Note: don't make phone calls or answer phone calls during margarita haze. Doing so might result in bigger problems than a stupid fork in the road).

3. Spend more time in the limited sunshine
Seriously, what's with this weather? In case you didn't get the memo, Mother Nature - it's summer! We spend at least six months of the year sans vitamin D, so this is a health issue. We need to stock up, so get on it. Sunshine will also lift spirits and make me want to burst into song. (Note: Hopefully not during margarita haze... or maybe...).

4. Shopping Therapy
Reasoning: will help stimulate economy. I'm doing this for the benefit of all North Americans. This isn't a selfish thing... I'm being thoughtful. Shop for all possible post-first week of August outcomes.

Repeat if necessary.



Note: This post may or may not have been written in a margarita haze.


  1. Brian MedeirosJuly 28, 2009 8:12 pm

    Absolutely LOVE the article.

    I only have one thought: where do you plan on having your margarita fiesta?

  2. your list ROCKSSSSS. Margarita date next week when I get back? Let's go for Mexican!!!

  3. 1. Margaritas make everything better
    2. Make sure to call someone with interesting stories OR ELSE you will be back to thinking about that darn fork!..
    3. Good luck!..I suggest you go NOW...mother nature tends to be moody..can anyone say PMS?
    4. I started 4 last month I like to think my shopping spree contributed to the bank of Canada declaring the recession was over...yup good deed of the year..

    PS...i did it!



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