Sunday, 29 May 2011

A travel destination where I love the food

30 Day Travel Challenge
Day 6 - A travel destination where I love the food

It's really hard to choose just one. I've honestly enjoyed the cuisine in every city I've ever visited. I even started to enjoy kimchi towards the end of my Korean adventure.

I love eating food in Asia, though. For the most part, menus are designed with portion sizes meant to be shared among people. I like that about Asian culture. Eating food is a chance for people to share a meal and share stories together. I remember ordering these awesome lunch sets with my friends B and C after shopping trips in Seoul. We would go to Insadong, to this quaint little traditional Korean restaurant and order this great seafood spread for about $30, split three ways. Such an awesome memory.

Check out Sorry, Donald! for a snippet of my food adventure in the ROK.

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  1. I really do miss Korean food sometimes. I remember when I announced my intentions to go to Seoul, my sister exclaimed, "But they're starving over there!" (She couldn't tell the difference between North and South.) If she only knew...

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  3. straightfromthecurlsMay 30, 2011 8:46 am

    lol! i definitely miss the endless seafood options in korea. and kimbap. :)

  4. But a big fan of seafood, but boy can the Koreans do meat! Even something as non-Korean as fried chicken was better than the meat back here in Canada. It's crazy!

  5. I definitely miss my Korean food sometime, although I'm not sure it would be at the top of my list. Where did you find the challenge though?


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