Thursday, 26 May 2011

A travel destination that reminds me of someone

30 Day Travel Challenge
Day 5 - A travel destination that reminds me of someone

Yikes! How can a place remind you of just one person? Well, unless you associate that place with an experience you shared together. Hmm... Nope. I'm not going to go there. Not now. Not ever. Instead, I'll tell you about a destination that reminds me of a number of people.

My mother comes from a beautiful village in Goa called Loutolim. I spent the first year of my life in this village, until we moved to the big city. However, almost every weekend we would go back to visit and spend quality time catching up with relatives. I have such fond memories from those times.

This village has become a tourist destination in Goa in recent years, but back when I was growing up, it was quaint, and oh so quiet! It was my oasis. My haven and security blanket from all the problems in the world outside it.

Thinking about this destination will always remind me of my family. Loved ones have come and gone through it over the years, but when I think about this space, I'm always comforted.

The big, old house with the heavy wooden doors and 16 steps leading up to the porch will always be etched in my memory. The image of this village (as it was), with its lush, green fields and acres of coconut trees will always bring a smile to my face.

To read a detailed account from my memory of this space, check out A speck in silence.

Saviour of the World church, built in the 16th century. Loutolim village -- Goa, India

Image courtesy of Google Images

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  1. I can't believe a church like that stands in India. It makes me want to book first class airline tickets just to see with my own eyes.


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