Tuesday, 24 May 2011

A travel destination where I love the culture

30 Day Travel Challenge
Day 2 - A travel destination where I love the culture

I'd have to say I really enjoy the culture in Montréal, Canada. Does it count if the city is in the same country I currently live in? There's something about Montréal that offers such a wonderful feast for the senses. I've visited this city a handful of times -- both, in the dead of winter, and in the beautiful summer months -- and have enjoyed it in equal parts.

It's amazing because this city is literally a few hours away from Toronto and Ottawa, and yet it boasts a unique culture, and seems so much more vibrant. I find the people friendlier and there's a lot more to do there as well.

Montréal is a wonderful blend of old and new, along with traces of colonial ambiances that are still present throughout the city. The culture asks you to enjoy life in all its wonder, and celebrates with food, soothing jazz music, and an abundance of wine. Can't really go wrong here, huh?

Here's a post from my most recent Montréal adventure: A bite of Montréal Love

Walking through Old Montréal, Canada - February 2011

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