Monday, 23 May 2011

My favourite travel destination

30 Day Travel Challenge
Day 1 - My favourite travel destination

Out of the handful of places I've visited so far, I'd have to say Thailand is one of my favourite travel destinations. I was lucky enough to backpack through this beautiful country last year, and the memories I made there still remain fresh in my mind to this day.

Everything from the lights and pulse of Bangkok to the beautiful coastal ambiance of Krabi holds a special place in my heart. I felt most alive in Thailand, and I hope to go back there again someday.

One of the most special aspects of this country is the rich culture that lends itself to adventure travel and modern tourism. Whether you're someone who enjoys trekking through jungles, walking through historical landmarks, or simply lounging on the beach, Thailand offers all that and so much more. It definitely stole a piece of my heart.

Here are three entries from my memorable Thai adventure:

Vacating Thoughts

Alive in Ayutthaya

Finding my Smile in the Land of Smiles

Photo taken on Phi Phi Island, Thailand - February 2010

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