Wednesday, 25 May 2011

A travel destination that makes me happy

30 Day Travel Challenge
Day 3 - A travel destination that makes me happy

Without a doubt, the one place where I've been happiest so far is in Goa, India. I grew up there as a child, and visited it again in 2008. Goa agrees with me and I feel in harmony with it -- the pulse, the culture, the lifestyle and the pace. I know it's changed a lot since I was a child in terms of politics and the economy. However, everything from the vast coastlines to the acres of palm trees and tropical breezes just soothes my soul.

I remember I had this moment during my last visit, where I was standing on the shores of Benaulim beach. My feet were sinking into the wet sand while I watched a jet ski take off into a sunset so vibrant, it looked like the skyline had been splattered in hues of gold, yellow and orange. And I remember this awesome smile creep up through my face so easily. In fact, just the memory of it brings an instant smile to my face.

So yes, Goa is definitely a travel destination that makes me happy.

Here are some posts from my trip in 2008:


One of those afternoons...

A monsoon dream

Watching the sunset on Benaulim Beach in Goa, India -- May, 2008


  1. You're making me want to travel. Curse you!
    But thanks for writing. :)

  2. India is one of the best tourist destinations. Unlike what most people think, this humble country is very exciting in the eyes and mind. I wish I could score discounted first class airline tickets soon.


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