Tuesday, 30 June 2009

Play for Change

A lot of us have been reveling in nostalgia as we unearth old tapes, CDs and LPRs, reminiscent of our favourite tunes by the King of Pop. Whatever people may say about him, that man single-handedly moved not one, but at least three generations. Now, a week after his death, we watch as a new generation joins in and brings his music back to life.

One of my favourite things about Michael Jackson's old music were the lyrics. I think his humanitarian efforts and philanthropy were pretty evident, as heard in songs such as
- Heal the World
- They don't really care about us
- Man in the Mirror
- We are the world

As I really listened to his music again after a very long time, I couldn't help but start wondering about what I'm doing in my life to make a positive impact on my community. I mean, I think about it - a lot! In high school I was pretty involved in fundraising, leadership and all those other things that good little school girls do.

But now, as an adult in the working world, what am I doing? Sure, I walk around with a canvas bag in my purse so that if I decide to randomly stop by the grocery store, I don't have to ask for a plastic bag. There's my tiny effort to erase a gigantic global footprint.

But I really want to do more... on a human level. I want to do work everyday where I feel fulfillment, knowing that what I'm doing is creating an impact... even a small one.

I'm seeking inspiration. If you have any ideas or things for me to think about, please drop me a message or comment.

And while you're at it, check out these two videos. They're part of a documentary series and movement called Play for Change, that I absolutely love and admire. The message is very clear and the music warms my soul-- every time!




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