Monday, 26 April 2010

Hampyeong Butterfly Festival

This past weekend, three friends and I ventured on a spontaneous trip down south to Jeollanam province, to check out their annual butterfly festival.

The 12th Hampyeong Butterfly Festival was a refreshing sight after months of dreariness during the long, cold winter in Seoul. It being the end of April, we were craving moments of Spring in all it's glory, and wanted to experience and be around nature.

We took a bus from Seoul to Gwangju city, followed by a short transfer to Hampyeong - a rural town in the province. The differences between this place and Seoul were drastic to say the least.

Acres of land with trees, flowers and streams replaced the concrete jungle that I've gotten so used to. The air was fresher, the people smiled more, and there was an overall sense of calm and peace.

It was exactly what my mind, body and spirit needed, after coming back from Thailand. The new semester got off to a chaotic start at my school, and I quickly became quite overwhelmed; not to mention, I'd also been sick for the entire month of March and some of April. So, escaping to an event such as this, was just perfect.

It was a lovely day for families and couples to be out and about, enjoying the events at the festival. We couldn't have asked for better weather, as the sun was shining the entire time we were there. I managed to take some good people shots, some of which included children who had their faces painted with butterflies on them.

The Korean countryside is beautiful, to say the least. It's traditional farmland, with hints of modern technology, all merged into one. We took the KTX back to Seoul from Gwangju on Sunday, and were able to really enjoy the lovely scenery, during our three-hour journey.

I've now realized how easy it is to travel around Korea, and plan on getting out of Seoul as much as I can on weekends. Transportation is a breeze, and there's numerous festivals and events that happen all around the country that I can check out. It's a win-win situation, because I'll be happy to escape the chaos of the city, and my camera will be happy with all the photos.


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