Friday, 25 March 2011

Tech talk and updates

A gentle reminder for me. Hopefully most of you already realize this.

"She's wired in."

I've never wanted anyone to make that statement in reference to me, but that's what it's been like this week.

Let me start off by apologizing if you've stumbled through, clicked on, or swung by the blog, only to find a message telling you it doesn't exist. As you can see, it very much exists ... much to my original domain registrar's dismay.

After spending a chaotic 48 hours transferring my domain to another company, sorting things out with blogger, and believing that my web world was about to get back on track, Bert decided to get sick... again!

And this time it's not a hard-drive issue. This time, it's with a problem I paid over $100 bucks to have fixed at the Mac store earlier this year. It turns out... not-so-fixed. So Bert's going back to the shop in the next day or so, and hopefully he'll be all sorted out in the next couple of weeks.

At least it happened in Toronto and not Seoul this time around. It always helps when the Apple Geniuses speak the same language as you. 

Speaking of next week... some big changes are coming up! I'll fill you in over the weekend.

Until then, thanks for your patience with me over the past few days. This is more tech stress than I could have ever asked for, but I'm dealing.

In the meanwhile, check out what might quite possibly be the most adventurous cat in the whole world! I'd love to see how many stamps Kitty has acquired on her passport. Too awesome!


Image courtesy of Google Images

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