Saturday, 19 March 2011

10 things I know to be true

I've been inspired to write this post after watching spoken word poet Sarah Kay's TED talk. The goal is to write 10 things I know to be true right now. So here we go!

1. Despite knowing chocolate will go straight to my hips, I refuse to end my relationship with it.

2. I'm fascinated by people who have a way with their words. And by people who use their words to promote good in this world.

3. A video of a laughing baby or cute kitten/puppy will always put a smile on my face -- no matter how badly my day may be going.

4. The sound of ocean waves gently kissing the shore is possibly one of the most calming sounds ever.

5. Hugs -- genuine, warm, big, loving, squeezed-till-you-melt hugs -- are amazing.

6. Mum's home-cooked meals are the perfect antidote to avert an emotional meltdown. Or at least delay the onslaught of one.

7. This world is fueled by hope ... despite what the naysayers may want us to believe.

8. I long for a day when I'll be absolutely content with my physical and emotional self.

9. My Mr. Darcy is out there. He's apparently just too stubborn to ask for directions. (Get on it, will you?)

10. The soundtrack to Love Actually is the background music to my life right now.


Now it's your turn. What would you put on your list of 10 things you know to be true?


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  1. Most of the things that happen in life, for better or worse, are pretty much the result of timing. That would probably be my #1 =)

  2. StraightfromthecurlsMarch 21, 2011 9:03 pm

    You're so right! And that everything in life happens for a reason. :) Hope you guys are having safe and fun travels!


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