Saturday, 25 September 2010

Fresh like morning dew

I was clearing out my photo library this week and stumbled across a few shots from the past year. Looking at them brought me into those moments, and the memories made me smile.

This shot was taken in the spring of 2010 in Seoul's Olympic Park. This couple had just settled down for a Saturday afternoon picnic, and were people-watching. Something about their ease fascinated me. They had a sense of calm that was foreign to a lot of people I'd encountered in Seoul.

This photo was taken during a visit to Krabi, Thailand in February, 2010. It was sunset and we were enjoying coconut shakes on an outdoor patio, while indulging in the fresh, seaside breeze. Such sweet serenity.

I encountered Mr. Pringles at the Hampyeong Butterfly Festival in the spring of 2010. I couldn't help but take a photo of him in his sweater and Dolce & Gabbana belt. Such class in Korea's rural countryside.

This photo was taken at a shack called Carpe Diem on Thailand's Phi Phi Island in February, 2010. Something about the ambiance eased me. In fact, when this photo was taken, there was a man sleeping in a hammock, high up in the tree to the left of the photo. It was definitely a lazy Thursday.

This shot was taken in 2009, during a summer festival in Toronto. Cirque du Soleil performers were walking along the boardwalk in broad daylight. Such a fun, yet bizarre experience.

The 2009 Seoul Drumming Festival took place in Seoul Forest. It was my first big outdoor event in Korea, and it was absolutely fascinating. There were professional drumming troupes and performers from all over the world in this space. There's nothing quite like listening to Brazilian drumming beats in a forest in Korea. Talk about a global experience!

This was one of my first "big" meals in Seoul. Shabu-Shabu is actually a traditional Japanese meal, but this is the Korean take on it. Notice the many plates? Traditional Korean meals have numerous side dishes to compliment the main course.

This photo was taken at PIFF Square in Busan, Korea. I love the colours in this shot. It pretty much depicts the neon frenzy that is Korea. The two ajummas (older Korean women) in the photo were selling dried fish treats from their stalls.

Stay tuned for another installment of photos very soon!


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