Thursday, 2 September 2010

Calendar Days

August 2010 was one of the roughest months I've experienced in a very long time. Aside from packing up in Seoul, moving back to Toronto and getting sicker than I've been in a very long time, the days simply felt like an unending whirlwind.

So you can imagine that when September rolled around, I was pretty happy. There's something quite lovely about the start of a new day... week... month... year. It almost feels like a clean slate. If you've had an awful day, you can hope fall asleep, wake up in the morning, and try again for a good one. Or if the week has been brutal, you can anticipate the following Monday, knowing you might have a chance to edit the wrongs from the week before.

Depending on the industry, the ending/beginning of months can be quite stressful for some people at work. I personally look forward to the start of a new month. Entering into a new month reminds me that time moves forward, leaving the past far behind. The literal act of turning a calendar page thrills me to no extent.

September is one of my favourite months because in my mind, it marks the start of my favourite season -- autumn! I fell in love with autumn in Toronto during my first year in Canada, and I've never wavered since. There's something about the smell in the air, the temperature, the colours of the earth and the comfortable clothing that speaks volumes to me. I call it "sweater weather," because everyone always looks cozy.

This month might go one of two ways, leaving me bored out of my mind or busy as a bee. I'm hoping it's the latter. Every September in my life has been spent at school or at work. It's the first time I've found myself in this particular situation, so it will be interesting to see how the journey plays out.

I suppose in the meanwhile, I should continue working on this ridiculous jet-lag, huh?

P.s. Notice anything new about the banner? :)


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