Thursday, 23 September 2010

A switch

In the spirit of being optimistic and staying positive, I've decided to take the time out of each day to list a few things that I'm grateful for. Sometimes reflection is a good thing, and it helps keep life in perspective. So here goes...

Since moving back form Korea, I've learned never to take the darkness of night for granted. After living in Seoul for a year, surrounded by the glaring beams of neon lights, I've welcomed the dark back into my life. There's nothing nicer than sitting on the patio with a warm cup of tea in hand, and watching darkness cloak the city, save for a few twinkling lights in the distance, and the dim hues from houses.

That was one of the first things I noticed about Seoul, actually -- the neon lights. Everything from karaoke bars to restaurants seemed of equal importance because of their loud neon signs. In fact, on my very first night in Seoul, standing high on top of a hill, I noticed more neon crosses in the sky than I could count. Yes, even the churches advertised their locations with giant red or white neon crosses that reached high up into the night sky!

Moving back to Toronto feels like finding the dimmer on a light switch. Even though I live in the city and there's stores, restaurants and advertisements that showcase their purpose with bright lights, you're still aware when dusk comes around, followed quickly by night. It's a great feeling that I'll never take for granted again.

Hyehwa, Seoul at night - August, 2010

University of Toronto area, Toronto - August, 2009


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