Wednesday, 4 August 2010

Away I go

I'm heading south!

Although it's not as far as I'd like to venture, I'm still excited about heading to Busan, Korea, for a few days of adventure and exploration. It's been a long time since I've taken a break from Seoul, and now, with a couple of weeks left in this journey, I'm looking forward to a warm ocean breeze and some fresh seafood treats.

When I first moved to Seoul, someone told me I'd learn to appreciate fresh air. I didn't realize how true this would be, until I ventured out to the east coast over February. There's such a huge difference in the quality of air between Seoul and cities in other parts of the country. The air in Seoul is thick and, for lack of a better word, toxic. It's a landlocked city, so the pollution and smog just sits like a cloud over the entire area, making it quite difficult to breathe at times. This has been especially true as of late, because of the summer heat and humidity.

Although I've visited warmer countries and cities in the past, I've never had as hard a time with the heat as I've had in Seoul. Everyday, as soon as I venture out my front door, the first thought that passes through my brain is, "I need a shower!!" Getting out of the city literally means breathing a sigh of relief. It's a vacation for the lungs.

So this trip to Busan is coming at a great time. I'll be taking the KTX south for about three hours, and will be staying in the coastal city for a few days. Aside from a couple of key destinations like the Jagalchi fish market and Busan tower, I don't really have a plan. I'm looking forward to discovering as I go.

Stay tuned for updates when I'm back next week. In the meanwhile, I hope August is being good to all of you!



  1. If you haven't already booked a place, I highly recommend Zen Backpackers hostel in Busan. The place is pretty nice (more like a home than a hostel) and the guy who runs the place is extremely friendly and helpful.

    Also, reload your T-Money card BEFORE you go to Busan. Their subways and stuff accept T-Money but almost no place will be able to reload it.

  2. Thanks,Arnold! Will do! :) So exciting!

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