Sunday, 31 January 2010

Inspire me

What does one do when seeking inspiration? I can't speak for others but for me, inspiration usually comes from a variety of outlets.

Generally, it stems from the everyday - things that are happening around me; the people I meet; the stories I'm told; the experiences I encounter. In those times, the most natural impulse is to write. If I'm near a computer, I'll find myself tapping away in stream of consciousness, either reviewing the experience or sorting out my thoughts regarding it. But if trusty Bert isn't with me, the nearest napkin or notepad in my bag will do. I've forgotten my wallet at home, but never my notepad.

My point is, I don't usually go looking for inspiration because it's one of those things I find that just comes naturally. You have to recognize it when you see it or feel it, and let it move you.


If you haven't noticed lately, I've been having a severe case of writer's block. I see two main reasons for it. First off, it's blistering cold. I mean, 'not wanting to leave my apartment because the only thing to do outside is freeze and that's not an option' kind of cold. The second reason is something my friend, C, pointed out. I was beating myself up over not having written in so long, and she simply said, "You'll write when you feel something new."

And I guess she's right. There hasn't been a lot of 'new' in the past couple of weeks. But you know, I kind of like it. I didn't realize how fast my life moves in Seoul. There's always something to do or someone to meet up with. So, instead of experiencing 'new' and writing about it, I've been reading - spending quality time with me, and getting lost in the words of my favourite authors. And that's perfect for right now.

So dear readers, what do you do when seeking inspiration? Do you actively seek it? Or do you wait for it to come to you? And when you get it, what do you do with it?


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  1. I think I always end up surprised by what inspires me. Like I don't realize I have been inspired till a while later. But if I am actively seeking out inspiration I find it in the written words of others; from music, poems, books, and quotes. I guess the writer in me gets inspired by other writers and their stories or creative works.


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