Wednesday, 13 January 2010

Writing voice

One of the greatest and strangest things about being a writer on the Internet, is the idea that people can read your work from anywhere in the world, with the simple click of a button.

Straight From The Curls has been alive and thriving on the WWW for over two years. Never would I have imagined in July 2007, that there'd be people from places such as Iran and Tunisia, stumbling towards my words and getting to know parts of me. Its thrilling and nerve wracking all the same.

But what's even more interesting is me, as a writer, stumbling across blogs by my fellow readers, and noticing that they've adapted parts of my writing style to their own work. I tell you, there's nothing more surreal than reading a blog that's not your own, and noticing your flow of thought with someone elses words. Or even your shorthand and 'isms' that make your blog your own... living on a different page. I had this experience the other night, and it took me all of ten seconds to realize I wasn't anywhere near SFTC.

Upon talking to the writer, she admitted that she does read my blog a lot and likes my writing style. She even said she knowingly adopted the style, because she wanted to protect the people she mentioned in the post, and liked a technique I used at SFTC. Fair enough, I suppose and I do feel honoured.

I guess the thing that got me thinking, is that it's taken me a while to find my voice on the WWW. People now come to SFTC expecting a certain tone, flow and train of thought that's uniquely mine. So... I guess I've become protective of it, as a writer. I'm at a place now where my readers get it. I can simply sit at my computer and type... as it is in my mind. And from feedback, you, dear readers, tell me that you hear my voice in your heads. I think that's the biggest compliment that I could ever receive at this moment. So, thank you!

If you're writing... find your voice and make it your own. It will take time, but you'll be glad you did!


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