Wednesday, 14 October 2009

Wordy Seoul!

It's been almost two months since I started living in the Land of Morning Calm. And throughout my days here, I've never been short on advice and random quotes. There's people throwing one-liners at me from all corners, on everything from my diet, to Korean love connections. There's a lot to this list, and I'm sure I'll have tons more before the year is done... but here's some teasers.

"No talking. Just flirting... with eyes."
- Sharon's co-teacher's advice to me, on trying to make friends with the cute intern phys-ed teacher at my school.

"Alive octopus make man very happy. Man happy, you happy."
- Mrs. C's advice, during a 'female teachers only' lunch, at mid-terms.

"Kimbap... kimbap... kimbap!! You eat more food! Look at you! Kimbap plus more, you need."
- Mrs. K - the confidence booster, after I told her I ate kimbap for dinner... three nights in a row.

" Your hair... why do you do it different? It's confusing me."
- Mr. S, every time I wear my hair differently.

"You solo?"
- Mr. cute intern phys-ed teacher, during our one and only conversation... a month ago.

Yes, I'm solo. You solo? Let's duet!
(Perhaps I should try this 'flirt with eyes' bit)...

There's tons more, but I'll get to those in time. For now, I hope you've enjoyed these!


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