Monday, 19 October 2009

60 days of likes and nots

As of the 20th of October, I will have been in Korea for two months. Yes, you read right... ALREADY two months. I can't believe how fast time is just flying. The more I fall into my routine, the quicker the days seem to pass by.

In the time I've spent here so far, I've had my share of ups and downs. There have been many moments where I seriously took a step back and wondered what I was doing here. And on the other hand, there have been days where I've thanked Lady Luck for bringing me to this part of the world. Here's a short list I've compiled of the things that make me smile in the Land of Morning Calm, and the things I could do without.

Good: Moving to the other side of the planet, away from all my comforts and security. Being forced to start from scratch, make mistakes, and learn along the way.

Bad: Moving to the other side of the planet, away from my family and Ginger (who I miss every day), Tim Horton's coffee and Mum's homemade food.

Good: Living in Seoul. I am a city girl at heart, but I love my random bursts of nature. Seoul has a wonderful blend of both. Though it's a cluster of neon lights and chaos, a short subway ride can take you to a beautiful river, or to the city's famous mountain trails.

Bad: The constant flashing neon lights outside my window, reminding me that the karaoke bar down the street is open until dawn.

Good: Sidewalks, so that I can walk just about anywhere in this city.

Bad: Sidewalks, so that motorists (cars and scooters, alike) can take shortcuts through the city by driving on them, and running pedestrians over.

Good: No garbage litters the streets.

Bad: I can never find a single trash can when I need one, making me wonder where people toss their garbage.

Good: Bidet toilets.

Bad: Not knowing how to properly use a bidet toilet.

Good: Making friends with the school bully.

Bad: Angering the school bully when you say no to her demands for candy.

Good: Ondol floor heating.

Bad: Not being able to dry my clothes in less than 24 hours.

There's tons more, that's for sure! This is just a teaser I came up with while waiting for my 3rd period class to come charging in. I hear them down the hall, now. Time to go!



  1. I guess my apartment facing half a wall is a bit better in some ways.

    For clothes drying, did you try using a blow-dryer instead? It can be quite time consuming, but it is a good dryer substitute.

  2. Once you come back to Toronto, I'll ask my dad to come by and install a bidet. We have them with all my toilets at home. PS: Dad's going to be in Korea in mid-November. I'll send some Timmies.


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