Friday, 16 October 2009

Verbal Therapy

Vent before bed...

I just wanted to go on record by saying I am thankful for this outlet. I am so grateful for words and the ability to put pen to paper and just let the thoughts flow. I can't imagine bottling up all these ideas and allowing them to fester.

I'm even more grateful to now have the ability to choose what goes in this blog. Coming to Seoul has allowed me the chance and the time to get back to writing in a book. I am so happy about this. And although I may not always share what's in the book, tonight, I will say this:

Common courtesy is a fading colour in our world. There may be pockets of it still left... but overall, everyone's in it for themselves.

I need to remember this more often, as I move forward on this journey.


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  1. You sound a little glass-half-empty...are you okay?

    p.s. i love Toothpaste for Dinner!


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