Monday, 17 August 2009

Who's idea was it...

... to insist upon a 23kg/bag allowance while flying internationally? Perhaps a better question is: how am I supposed to pack my life for a year into two suitcases, weighing said amount. If I go over my limit, it's a guaranteed $100/bag!

I need advice, travelers. What are your thoughts? If you note the time stamp for this blog, you'll see 3 a.m. This is not a joke... I have been sorting and packing and sorting some more, trying to figure out what goes and what stays. It isn't working at all!

I have to try again tomorrow. Is it doable? Or should I go over my limit on at least one bag and allow for the extra cost?

And I haven't even gotten to my backpack yet.

I remember packing for my trip to Cuba a couple of years back, and thinking that I wouldn't need much because I'd be in my bathing suit for at least 75 per cent of the time. I was proud of my packing skills... only to get to Cuba and realize that I wish I'd packed more clothes and accessories.

This isn't an all-inclusive vacation now.

What do I do?



  1. I feel for you! I am going to be bringing 3 luggages so I am not the best person for advice. Good luck with packing.

  2. Pack heavy things in the smaller suitcase... Don't pack clothes you only MIGHT wear... Don't pack stuff you can get overseas... Prepare a care package now and send it on the slowboat... Embrace the minimalist lifestyle?

    That's all I got.

  3. I don't know if I'm too late, but rolling up your clothes before putting them in your suitcase makes a BIG difference! And what your friend said about not buying things you can get overseas is true. Don't pack toiletries, certain clothes, maybe just one jacket. If you REALLY need something you left at home, get your mom to FedEx it :)

  4. Aw can buy anything you need there, just remember that k? Safe trip tomorrow. Just bring underwear, deoderant, lipgloss, a good book and your sweet sweet personality!! xoxoxo, talk soon!

  5. This is just a tip for the next time you pack. I don't fold any of the clothes; I just lay everything flat one on top of the other like paper sheets. It's amazing how much more room I have for other things.


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