Thursday, 25 November 2010

A very Martha Christmas?

Christmas is exactly a month away and I'm not feeling the least bit festive. I know -- it's quite shocking, isn't it? Every year I usually spend the weeks leading up to the festive season reveling in holiday cheer. Carols slowly sneak onto my iPod, and the house begins to smell like sweet shortbread and peppermint. The tree goes up at the end of November, and I two-step, grin and sparkle my way right into the new year.

But this year, for some reason, I'm just not feeling festive. Perhaps it's because I'm still going through reverse culture-shock... or perhaps it's because I'm trying to make some sense of my life again. But as much as I want to have Wham! and Mariah Carey take over the sound system at home... they're just not receiving a warm welcome this year... yet.

So here's my attempt at self-inspiration and cheer. I was just online 'browser' shopping, and came across some lovely holiday décor ideas from Martha Stewart that I'd love to implement. I never imagined I'd ever feel the need for holiday decor ideas... but here I am.

These are some awesome tips to recycle and re-purpose old ornaments and decorations -- definitely right up the alley of this recessionista!

These beautiful garlands are made out of old ribbons. I remember we used to make the same kind of garlands out of construction paper for parties in elementary school. This is such a great idea! Not only do you end up with a garland that's uniquely your own, but you're also able to re-purpose those old ribbons that you've been storing for a rainy day. Well done, Martha!

This was another great idea that I wish I'd thought of! Consider taking old holiday cards and giving them a fun place in your holiday décor this year. Simply cut them out into circles of different sizes, and stick them with colourful reinforcement tape onto fishing wire or clear string. Then, voila! Another fun, festive garland that's both economical, and environmentally friendly.

Show off that freshly baked batch of gingerbread men, by displaying them in a cheeky wreath. Again, another fabulous design idea that I wish I'd thought of. But it's so creative and simple to make. Head on over to to find out how. I'd watch out for hungry guests, though!

When I was a child, we'd always collect Christmas cards and display them over the holidays. The easiest way was to hang them from a garland of tinsel or clear string, against an empty wall. It's easier to display cards now, with cute clothespins and wall hangings that you can purchase from stationary stores. But I also found this awesome idea for a holiday card wreath over at It's so simple, and has a very nostalgic look to it. I love that the wreath will look different, depending on whose house it is displayed in.

Finally, these ornaments speak to my tropical heart. Simply take seashells and dust them in glitter, choosing either one or two tones to give them a fantastic shimmer. I absolutely love the idea of converting seashells into Christmas ornaments. You can find the easy, step-by-step guide to making the coast part of your holiday décor, by clicking here.

OK... soooo perhaps I'm feeling a bit inspired now. Maybe some carols and a few hours of baking should set everything back on course. :)


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