Friday, 15 May 2009


In a slow moment at work today (after I had clocked out), I found myself researching how much a multi-destination plane ticket around the world would cost. 

After being transferred from one site to another, and then finding this cool site where I could chart out my trip (city by city), I came up with a ticket for the price of $14,538. It would take me to 25 destinations across the planet, starting in Toronto and ending in Vancouver... (for the 2010 Olympics.... yes, you can laugh). 

The inspiration for this? I want to work for Globe Trekker TV. For the past 6 years of my life I have spent Sunday evenings drinking tea with my mum, while watching the hosts from this show take us from one destination to the next. On one show they're in Casablanca, giving us a non-touristy trip through the spice markets; and in the next, they're traipsing across the Mongolian dessert... how could I not be sold on this?

So, the next semi-long-term goal on the life-list (notice I'm not calling it my Bucket list? I'll have a new one if I get that far, I'm sure), is to put together a package for the Globe Trekker producers. Why not, right? 

I love the whole world (cue Discovery Channel 'Boom-de-ah-da')

I don't just want to visit parts of the world, I want to live all over the world. I want to get imbedded in the societies that are different from ones I've grown accustomed to. I wan to feel different pulses, breathe different airs. 

"I want all of it!" I mutter to myself. 

My voice startles me back to reality. I'm at my desk at work, after having just finished my third week as a 'working journalist' during a recession. 

I should be happy now. 

Yet, as I pack my bags and head home for the long weekend, I can't help but yell at myself internally... "Why can't I just be happy with this now?"

Because I know my heart's not here.

Because I want to experience this 'Boom-de-ah-da feeling'. 


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