Wednesday, 27 May 2009

Love in the Words

I’m a writer, and I’m mildly obsessed.

I was talking to my mother last night about one of the constant loves in my life – words.

I love words.

Just like many of you reading this, she too thought I sounded slightly nutty. So, if you don’t mind, I’d like to plead my case.

Over the years, I’ve found myself in some pretty interesting situations in terms of friendships, relationships, and other odds and ends… all because of a few choice words (or lack of) strategically woven together, either by myself or the other party.

Take for instance my experience with X. Spoken words were plenty. We would talk about anything and everything for hours. I would talk, X would listen, and then sometimes interject with words so thoughtful, I’d wonder why they never came to me first.

Then, sometimes, X would utter a few choice words that would cut like the sharpest blade slicing through flesh. Moods would shift, not by actions in this case, but by words.

They have so much power in sounds and visuals. Soothing words; harsh words; pleading words; loving words; caring words; Hallmark words – they all have the ability to make or break moments.

Think of the most inspirational quotes, excerpts and lyrics that you love. Why do you love them? Perhaps because the meanings resonate inside you, correct? But what creates the meaning? Words –- strategically thought out, and then woven together to resonate.

There are centuries of studies conducted by linguists and psychologists, professors and writers, all with their own theories on why words are what they are.

In my opinion, people need to stop theorizing and start enjoying them. Listen as you speak. Think of what you’re saying. Look as you write. You’ll see what I’m talking about.

Poets, songwriters, novelists – they don’t just write, they weave. Handpicked words that they know will leave a lasting impact.

I did some research to see if anyone else felt the way I did, and what do you know? Check out Life is Baeutiful and the 100 Most Beautiful Words in English.

Please let me know what you think.



  1. Intriguing and impressive..haha..i am a man of a few words...Very deep thoughts SC. The question I pose to you, is of those that you have met and encountered in life, how many weave words?

  2. Word weaving is sexy.

    My ideal mate is a word weaver.

  3. Melissa DeSousaMay 28, 2009 12:01 am

    That was awesome. You, my friend, are a weaver of words.

  4. We need to have a cocktail to celebrate your dot com acquisition!


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