Sunday, 10 August 2008

Sunday thoughts

Instead of sunshine, Toronto has been experiencing heat of a different kind for the past couple of months...

Last month there was the explosion at 2 Secord Place, which forced the evacuation of a 30-storey building ... with no word still as to whether or not the residents can go back.

Today I woke up to news of a different explosion... this time to the north of the city. Apparently this one was caused by explosions at the Sunrise propane tank facility. According to the news, there's about 12,000 people affected by this, 18+ injured, one person unaccounted for and one firefighter who died as a result of the blast.

What's happening to this city? And usually on Sundays! It's kind of ironic, isn't it?

I really feel terrible for all those people affected by these tragic events and my heart goes out to them. I can't imagine the feelings of displacement, loss and confusion that they must be experiencing.

I read that the force of this explosion was so strong, that it pushed people out of their beds ... one woman even had the roof of her house collapse in on her.

To say this summer has been uneventful would be an understatement.

I really hope those people affected by the explosions will be able to get back to their lives soon enough and that they are safe.


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