Wednesday, 6 August 2008

Jammie Wednesdays

Today's post comes to you from my desk ... at home!

Yes, readers -- I finally took the day off. I've been saying that I wanted to do this since May but never had the chance to, for some reason. But It's almost 10 a.m. and I'm still in my pajamas... this ... is ... awesome!

I've honestly gained a new sense of respect for people who work office jobs... I know I could never do this as a permanent thing. For one thing--as I feel my rear end expand to the size of a small house--I don't think I could stand packing on the pounds. I have always worked at jobs that have required me to stand and be mobile for an extended period of time. Therefore, this is new. The only thing I work out when sitting at the desk is my brain. And let me tell you, even that tends to go on a vacation more often than it should.

With that being said, I'll write more, later!
I have a bed and an alarm clock that's not turned on, asking me to get some shut-eye!


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