Tuesday, 22 January 2008

Forbidden Thinking

I know... I know...
I've been told more than a thousand times that I should stop thinking! I can't help it.
Today I wondered about how and why things work out so well for some people time after time, while they barely ever do for others. Isn't there supposed to be some sort of karmic/cosmic balance in the universe? The Yin-Yang idea?

I've seen some people put so much of their effort into gaining just a slight step in the direction they want their lives to head in... for others, they don't even need to nod or blink for what they want -- it just happens!
I know that the feelings that stem from gaining something you've longed for a very long time are awesome. However, the frustration is far worse.

Eventually, something's got to give right?

When is eventually, though? A week? A month? A year? A decade?

I don't know how much I believe in this idea of "good things come to those who wait" or "don't look for it... it will look for you."
Seems like those ideas were just made up by people who already had it all or by those who wanted to justify why they didn't get what they wanted or needed.

Going after something you want is easier said than done as well, when for most people, what they want falls right into their laps...
Meanwhile those who worked their butts off for as long as they can remember... are left with ..... nothing-ness.

I really wish I could understand how things work. Who decides who gets to be happy and who gets to work for nothing? Who calls the shots for our lives? Who rolls the dice time after time, and says "today I will keep this person on the eternal wait-list for happiness.... and push this person ten steps further into a life they're already over satisfied with" ?

I just got home from a long day. There may be a slight possibility that the full moon outside has affected me.... though, as usual... I highly doubt it.


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  1. i'm not sure why some people are so blessed in life, and why others aren't. but you are an amazing person Simone. don't let life get you down. you are still so young, and have so much opportunity at your finger tips. i know it's difficult to stay positive when you are let down again and again, but try to remember, that even when you aren't able to believe in yourself, there is someone else out there that is doing the believing for you.

    you will accomplish what you want in life. you have the drive. you know you can do it.



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