Sunday, 27 January 2008

Realistic... really!

I watched Juno this past weekend and absolutely enjoyed it! I've also been indulging in a PBS series, which shows Jane Austen movies every sunday at 9pm... that's my plug, encouraging you to watch it as well! (Have I ever mentioned my love for all things Jane Austen?)

I guess all these movies of heroines and leading men got my mind wandering again. I was talking to a few of my friends over the weekend and realized I've (finally) found someone who I've placed as my bar. It may seem unrealistic, as no one can be categorized or boxed... and if we want to do that to people, we may find ourselves in more trouble than we bargained for.
In any case... this is the description I managed to fester up:

Tall... well taller than me at least.
Strong... silent: Not Hercules or a mute... but good presence... and values his words... may not say the right thing all the time... but makes an effort to.
Presents himself to the world as proper... straight edged... I like to call it the Clark Kent syndrome. I'm a sucker for the 'computer-geek' glasses!
Takes Casual Friday seriously... I'm talking leather jacket...
Has bad-boy characteristics... but feels no need to flaunt them. May have a tattoo... the world doesn't need to know.
Reads novels... not ashamed of it.
Self proclaimed geek... but the confidence he exudes makes him all the more ... what's the word I'm looking for?
Good posture... not a slouch... looks at the world instead of hiding from it.
No intention of changing for anyone... but possibly modest and shocked at compliments.
Shocking... but not terrifying.
Relaxed... but not lazy.
Has no reason to be loud... whispers at the right moments... communicates with silence, smiles, touches and eye contact.

Fanny never settled for anything less than she knew she deserved. Alex told me never to settle for anything less than I deserve. I know I won't settle...
But describing you... as I see you... from what I know of you... was well worth the time it took to draw you out of my mind and paint you with words.




  1. woo, good work simone! i wish i could narrow down even one characteristic of someone i'd like to like. all i want at this point is to be accepted for who i am, no matter what.
    i guess that's what friends are for. and maybe a new boyfriend...sometime down the road...

  2. hey Nic...
    haha i hear ya! i feel the same way .. you know, about wanting someone who wants me... for me!
    This was just a sketch... and since you can't draw personality...i wrote it! =)
    hope things are well!


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