Tuesday, 18 November 2008

Some notes

Today has been an incredibly long day. Maybe it's the fact that I'm running on two hours of sleep, or maybe it has something to do with my quest for self-discovery (again, I know...), but I made some observations over the past 22 hours.

- It is easier to fall in love, than it is to fall out of love. Falling in love can take a split second or a lifetime to achieve, but when it happens, you know... and when it does, it's easy. Falling out of love is a whole other experience that can forever leave us changed. Because we get out of it different than when we got into it... and the thought of going back to how we were, is a terrifying experience in and of itself.

- Sometimes you just need your friends to be your friends. Whether it is by telling you exactly what you want to hear, or even if it's telling you what you NEED to hear, sometimes your friends just make an experience more bearable to get through.

- I think I'll spend the rest of my life trying to answer some of life's unanswerable questions.... I can't help it!

- I've always been an observer, and I don't think that will ever change. There's something to be said about being able to place yourself in a situation and just watch those around you.... behaviours, body language, thoughts, ideas, opinions... everything, even a small word can trigger a thought process that maybe even you never imagined you could deal with before.

- I haven't lived the way I want to live. If i want to live the way I do, I need to embrace the risks that come knocking at my door.

- You can learn a lot about a person/people over a pitcher or two of beer.

- You can learn a lot about yourself over a pitcher or two of beer.

... the question now remains, do I like what I see... with myself? With everyone else?


1 comment:

  1. That's a whole lot of heavy thoughts, especially if you made these observations in under a day.
    hope you get some rest and get re-charged


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