Wednesday, 5 March 2008

An open book?

Since my last post, I have received a lot of feedback from people who read my blog. Thank you, because you all are very encouraging with your words, thoughts and comments. I am fortunate to be surrounded with such a wonderful network of people who appreciate my passion and add to it.

Out of these comments a lot of people have talked to me about the fact that my blog is so open and honest. They've mentioned that what they read on here is written freely and to an extent they feel as though they're in my mind.

This got me thinking: Am I being too open? Too honest? Am I not saving any aspect of my thoughts and ideas ... things that should remain private, for myself?

This is the reason why I haven't posted on here for so long. I have been busy trying to build a professional online portfolio of stories and photos, so that at this time next year, I will actually start getting paid for my work. It doesn't hurt to be a dreamer, right? Aside from this, I also needed some time to think about whether or not I should keep this blog. I have to admit that although I don't update it too often, this blog has outlasted any social networking site that I have been part of or any of my prior attempts at blogging.

Still, I do write a lot of my thoughts on here. Usually, these thoughts are just ramblings that I type away, in an effort to get rid of some of the static that takes over my mind. In a program where I am constantly thinking... of possible events to cover, of people to interview, of those who don't respond to my messages, of new people to interview, of structure, of format, of headlines, of decks, of layout designs, of photo angles... of... of... of... everything except my life... this blog helps clear up some of the fog, allowing me to briefly have a checkin with my own thoughts.

I have always been an open book. In fact, after earning a major in theatre, I wondered how that even happened. I have never been a good liar and have most often always gotten caught when I attempted to do so. Hence, I figured why not lay it all out there. without worrying too too too much about grammar... or structure.

This is far from that cliche of "people airing their dirty laundry out in public."

I am positive beyond a doubt that a lot of the people who read this blog don't know a speckle of the dirt on my laundry. Well, maybe some of you know about that ketchup stain on my white shirt. Those of you who didn't know about that, do now.

I come on here when I know there's at least one of you who will get a kick from reading my ramblings. And... to my huge surprise, there's more of you reading this blog now than in Dec 07. I was surprised... but I kind of like it.

For a girl who stumbles on her words when talking, I feel as though this blog allows me to talk to my friends (you all)... and by reading it, you are letting me know that you're listening. There is a great possibility that I'm being judged... but if you have something to say back, you have to write a comment. Did I mention, I love comments?

Anyway, I guess listening helps too. You all don't realize this... but you're all the inspiration for Breezy Thoughts.

It is from my conversations with you that I am able to think... and write... You're all an inspiration to me.

Ok... go on.... insert cheesy music here

and... insert... GAG... here



  1. i was talking to a few people the other day about my blog, referring to something i had written there, not knowing that the people i was telling this to already knew. "i read your blog. not all the time, but i check it once and a while to see if you've updated."

    just that simple comment made me so happy. made me feel like at least my thoughts were reaching even a few people.

    like you, i write just to air my soul. it's therapeutic. i don't think you should stop writing here, Simone. if it makes you feel good, just do it.


  2. being open and honest is fabulous. it makes you extremely trustworthy!

    long live sex and the simi!


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