Monday, 31 October 2011

Guest Post: The Happiest Rooms

Hello, I’m Joanna, a writer for Arcadian Lighting, a great source for beautiful lighting. My work takes me daily around the world (via the Internet) on a mission to find the most incredible interior designs and furnishings on the Web. Thanks to Straight from the Curls for letting me share with you!

Bright colors make us happy, energize us, and generally, make us feel good. When creating a home with bright colors, decorating ideas are seemingly limitless. Whether you add pops of color with colorful glass light fixtures or lots of color with a brightly-hued area rug, you’ll find it brings joy to your everyday life. Here are some of the happiest rooms around!

Bright Rooms
This warm orange sitting area feels very Indian with its carved settee, textured fabrics and lovely tasseled pillows. An adjustable floor lamp adds a modern touch to an otherwise classic space.

Bright Rooms Chandeliers
Cheery lemon-yellow chairs brighten this transitional space while light blue walls reflect ambient light from the room’s large windows.

Bright Interiors Lamps
Lemon and lime furnishings brighten this city apartment with its pale gray walls and floor. Yellow panels on the windows welcome the natural light in to illuminate the room even more.

Bright Interiors Lamps
We’ve been having a romance with turquoise for awhile now. We see it everywhere: on walls, floors, beds, pillows and even lighting fixtures. This room, with its high white floor and furnishings, enjoys a bit of color with a boastful blue wall.

Bright Interiors
We love, love, love this pink and white dressing room! A fun floral lining in the open-faced armoire and on the pouf, make way for the brilliant fuchsia of the accent walls and rug.

Bright Interiors
The color of nature, green (in all its hues) is everywhere. This living room is a perfect example of how shades of green can flow together to create a cohesive and naturally happy environment.

Bright Interiors Lamps
In such a traditional setting, one might think lime green and aqua inappropriate. We beg to differ, this room makes us smile, especially those curvy green lamps and their interesting shades.

Bright Interiors Ceiling Lights
This room is so energetic and fun…I love the floral ceiling. The crisp light flowing through the large windows highlights a sumptuous purple rug.

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