Thursday, 9 December 2010

Fragments of December

Today has been quite the day. Seems as though the doom and gloom of this recession is finally setting in. I feel like it's seeping into my being, taking over thoughts and moods that were otherwise quite optimistic and upbeat. Who would have thunk it, right? But please bear with me.

Note: I'm also openly accepting thoughts of optimism and positivity. So if you've got anything Deepak Chopra-worthy in you, please send it my way!

First off, I received a lot of feedback from the previous post about my experiences with the TTC. This led to Brad Ross (Director of Communications at the TTC) contacting me via Twitter about the entire incident. I'm glad he messaged me, and his understanding with the whole mess was absolutely appreciated.

A recent conversation with my friend B revealed that she's hoping to move back to South Korea sometime in early 2011. The reason being that she's finding it difficult to secure a job in her hometown of York in the U.K. I absolutely understand how she's feeling (because it's pretty much the same situation in Canada), and I truly hope it works out for her. B is a wonderful person and she has a lovely wandering spirit, so I think traveling some more will be good for her soul. Cheers, dear friend!

I also woke up to some devastating news today that a childhood friend of mine passed away in a sudden car accident last night. It was such an awful feeling once the news sunk in. What's worse is that thanks to social media, he's still somehow present and active online. As in, his profiles are still active -- although on Facebook, it's now turned in to an online memorial of sorts. It's all rather bizarre... though, I suppose it's also a testament to our time. These are definitely strange and new feelings to process.

It really got me thinking about 'last moments'. We don't know what our last moments on this planet will entail, really. Freak accidents happen all the time, and all it takes are mere seconds for our entire universe -- every bit of foundation that we've built our entire lives upon -- to shift and crumble into the abyss.

May your soul rest in peace, dear friend.

Finally, I'm hoping something will give in 2011.

I'm currently taking this course titled, "Patience 101" at the School of Life, and it seems like there's a pop-quiz every day. Some days I do better, and some days result in epic failures.

I'd like to experience a win of some sorts in early 2011.

Yes, that would actually be quite lovely.



  1. Sorry to hear about your childhood friend. Is always so sobering to hear that kind of news. I don't know why - but it's particularly jarring if it's somebody you haven't heard from or made contact with in a while.

  2. Oh, and good luck to your friend with Korea in 2011. If she ends up in or near Busan, feel free to pass on my contact info. Particularly if she's cute and single :-p


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