Thursday, 20 May 2010

Let's face the facts

OK. I'll admit it. I'm mildly frightened.

It's been all over the news for decades, and when the Cheonan sank during the last days of March, the issues between the Koreas (North and South) were once again brought to the forefront of every news agency across the planet.

I've been living in Seoul since August 2009. Before I left, one of the editors at the magazine I was working for, asked if I knew what I was doing. She mentioned talking about my move with her husband, who responded with, "Does she know there's a mad man living literally minutes away from Seoul?"

Yes, I knew. And I'm aware of it now more than ever.

Today, South Korea officially blamed the North for sinking their Cheonan warship. The belief is that a torpedo fired from a North Korean submarine hit the warship on March 26, killing 40 sailors, with six still missing.

My friend S has been following this issue in great detail, reading articles on it from across the globe. I've been paying attention as well, but because the whole situation makes me uneasy, I've tried to curtail the amount of information coming my way.

If this happened while I was living in Canada, I can guarantee I would have been crawling the Internet for the latest updates. However, because of the fact that I'm living in Seoul -- the main city that would be the target of any retaliation from the North -- I'm pacing myself.

I found out that South Korea would be making their official announcement today, when I came across an article in the Washington Post on Tuesday. I must admit that it sent chills down my spine. Then, when I turned on the TV this morning and saw the press conference on various news stations, I felt sick to my stomach.

Any retaliation from the North would literally destroy Seoul within minutes. North Korea is adamantly building its nuclear program, despite being condemned by countries across the globe. It wouldn't take long for the North to attack Seoul... especially if they truly believed they have nothing to lose.

I suppose I should feel lucky my time in Korea is coming to an end. But it doesn't feel right knowing that a city (and country) that I've called home for the past year, could face attacks so severe, that it would literally be wiped off the planet.

I guess all we can do is wait and watch. I'm feeling a new uneasiness that I hope will leave soon. But in the meanwhile, positive vibes and prayers for this country -- and anyone who has such little value for human life -- will go a long way. (I hope!)



  1. you've got me feeling a little worried now.
    I used to think that S.Korea was their pawn and he wouldn't dare call the World's bluff, but after reading that article at Washington Post I'm a little uneasy too....

  2. Now you've got ME worried. I was at the Hiroshima atomic bomb dome only about 30 hours ago, and it was shocking enough. And to think that the North has even worse weapons right now.

  3. I was on the DMZ tour today and some very scary and strange things happened, including being ordered out by the US Army. I'll write the blog entry tonight.


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